Saturday, July 12, 2008

Krohmer Or Cox Running Against Skinner?

Look at this sign and try to figure out who is running against George Skinner. Cox is supposed to be the actual candidate running against George Skinner. According to Cox's sign, they both are running against George.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Our Judges 9th Circuit Court

I Know How He Feels

I can't believe he only got to vote once!

Senator Nancy Riley must go!!!


Tulsa Senator Now Emulating John Kerry and Barack Obama

OKLAHOMA CITY – Just last weekend, Tulsa Senator Nancy Riley expressed her thanks for high gas prices because "That is what is helping sustain the state's economy" (Broken Arrow Ledger, July 5, 2008). Now, just four days later, Riley is quoted in another suburban Tulsa newspaper lamenting high energy prices because of their impact on local school districts.

According to the Sand Springs Leader (July 9, 2008), she bemoaned high energy prices, saying "They (local school districts) will now have to balance their budgets on the backs of our kids."

“So, it appears Nancy Riley was for high gas prices before she was against them,” said Randy Swanson, Executive Director of the Oklahoma Republican Senatorial Committee. “Another John Kerry moment from Nancy.”

Swanson’s reference to “another” refers to Riley’s vote against a pro-life bill which would have prohibited state-owned facilities from performing abortions (SB 714) in 2007, and twice to sustain Governor Henry’s veto of the bill -- only to later vote in favor of a similar bill (SB 139), which became law. This flip-flop came after she had signed a pledge to vote against any taxpayer funding of abortions when she first ran for the Senate.

Riley has also flip-flopped on lawsuit reform legislation over the past years. See was for lawsuit reform before she was against it.

“Nancy Riley can’t decide who she is or what she stands for,” said Swanson. “But it’s very clear who she patterns her political career after.

“First she runs for office as a conservative Republican, and then switches to become a liberal Democrat, much like Hillary Rodham Clinton.

“Then, she follows Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s lead in supporting higher energy prices -- but then bemoans the high cost of energy. She was before it before she was against it, a la John Kerry,” he continued.

“Throw in Barack Obama’s flip flops on the important issues of the day, and one clearly see can whose campaign playbook Nancy Riley has been studying.

“Does Nancy Riley have any core values? The voters of Senate District 37, and indeed the citizens of Oklahoma deserve to know,” Swanson concluded.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Democrat Proud Of High Gas Prices

Nancy Riley's quote from the Tulsa newspaper article says, "It may sound crass, but thank goodness for high gas prices," she said. District 37, is in the Tulsa area. Sounds like Nancy Riley, who by the way, changed party's after she was elected by the Republican voters to the Democrat Party. So now, she joins Obama and is proud our gas prices are $4.00 a gallon. My friends, if you are happy paying $4.00 for a gallon of gas, now is you chance. If you are not happy with gas prices, vote for John McCain and hopefully the Tulsa voters will vote Nancy Riley out of office.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


He says he believes in a Second Amendment right to bear arms.

• He now opposes late-term abortion.

• He suddenly is a devotee of using faith-based institutions to deliver public services.

• He now says that he won’t raise Social Security taxes on anyone making less than $250,000 a year. In the primary, he said he’d eliminate the threshold entirely, including on people making as little as $100,000.

• He recently opposed the Fairness Doctrine for talk radio.

• Now he says he’s going to consult with the military before pulling out of Iraq.

But so extensive a list of flip-flops, all in the past few weeks, begs the basic question: Was he lying before when he was a liberal, or is he prevaricating now?

Even if Obama means what he is saying as he moves to the center trying to win the general election, the fact is that he will be forced to move very far to the left should he become president, forced by the liberals in his own party.

If Obama wins, it’s more than likely that he will take office with a Congress filled with Democrats and liberals. Most probably, the Senate will have at least 55 Democrats (including pickups in Colorado, New Mexico, Virginia, New Hampshire and Alaska). And there might be as many as 62 (possible Democratic pickups include Maine, Minnesota, Oregon, Kentucky, Texas, Kansas and North Carolina). The House will, of course, be solidly in Democratic control.

Faced with the same situation in 1993, as he took office as president, Bill Clinton found no alternative but to move dramatically to the left, shelving for the moment his promises of a middle-class tax cut and welfare reform. He had no choice. The Democratic majorities in both Houses served him with notice: Either you stay within the caucus and not cross the aisle in search of support for centrist policies, or we will do unto you what we did to Jimmy Carter when Tip O’Neill turned on him and made his life miserable. Clinton was forced to emphasize healthcare reform over welfare changes and to go with a liberal economic stimulus package capped by big tax increases. The liberal stain sank so deeply into the fabric of his presidency that it caused him to lose Congress in 1994, and almost to lose the 1996 election.

It will be the same with Obama. On all of his basic issues, the Democrats in Congress will hold his feet to the fire and make him govern to the left. On his signature issue of Iraq, he may find himself with a war already won, a democracy already stable and a problem already solved. Nevertheless, he will be forced to rip the scab from the wound and set it bleeding again by bringing our troops home prematurely. His healthcare proposals will be forced far to the left until they amount to a government takeover of the healthcare system. Obama will not be able to govern from the center. His party won’t let him do it.

Ultimately, Bill Clinton’s congressional supporters became his jailers and he morphed from their leader into their hostage. Dependent on every last Democrat to pass legislation in the House and to prevail over a filibuster in the Senate, he found himself pushed further and further to the left until, he told me, “I don’t even recognize myself.” He had to lade his economic and anti-crime package with pork to satisfy urban congressmen and to win their support of a bill that included a federal death penalty.

Obama will not be able to help himself. The Democratic majority in Congress won’t settle for triangulation. They will make the Obama of November into a liar and the Obama of the primaries into an honest man.
Dick Morris

Men Kissing--------Disgusting!

I have noticed in several new movies that are out,they show two men kissing. Someone needs to tell Hollywood it is not funny it is stupid and disgusting!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe Arkansas has the answer.

Found this on Drudge Report. I guess there were a bunch of angry heterosexual
rednecks in Arkansas!

Fake Ark. bouts showing men kissing draw suspicion - Yahoo! News Cut and paste