Saturday, August 30, 2008

Convention Goes Live

Today, the 2008 Republican National Convention officially launched its new Web site for the week of the convention. The site includes several cutting-edge features that will give journalists and other visitors to unprecedented access to convention news and information.

"The convention’s Web site will enable Americans to log on, experience the convention as it happens, and learn about John McCain’s unparalleled record of service and sacrifice. The site will offer unprecedented access to convention proceedings and will help demonstrate why John McCain is best qualified to lead our country," said Maria Cino, President and CEO of the 2008 Republican National Convention.

As a courtesy to members of the press, the new Web site includes a media portal, where daily and hourly schedules, press releases, media advisories, speech text, speaker bios, pictures, video, and RSS feeds will be posted. The portal can be accessed by going to the convention Web site,, and clicking "media portal," or by going directly to

Tom Cole Happy With VP Pick

Congressman Cole comments on McCain's VP pick:
"Choosing Governor Palin as the Republican vice presidential running mate is a truly historic decision," Congressman Cole said. "This was a smart and savvy choice that proves John McCain is willing and able to think outside the box. Sarah Palin is a maverick reformer - just like Senator McCain - and I am proud and excited to support her addition to the Republican presidential ticket. "

"Her list of credentials is impressive. She will bring her strong record of support for America's families, her expertise on energy issues and her refreshing style of leadership to the White House. As Mayor she shook things up in Wasilla, as Governor she shook things up in Alaska, and together with John McCain, she stands ready to shake things up in Washington DC."

Saturday At The Convention

Friday was a night for partying for some. This guy was in bed at 11:00 PM and that is late for me. This morning, I was invited to South Carolina's breakfeast with Karl Rove and Fred Davis III.

Karl served as Senior Advisor to President George W. Bush from 2000-2007 and Deputy Chief of Staff from 2004-2007. Karl has been described by U.S. News & World Report as unique. I never realized just how much humor Karl had. It was awesome to meet him. Being here at my first Convention is like being at my first Super Bowl.

Also speaking this morning was Fred Davis III, one of the nation's top creative/media consulants and the designer of the Convention set! He told some funny stories about some of his clients including our very own Sen.Inhofe. He is a very talented indiviual.

The town is still buzzing about McCain's new VP pick. The talk around town is that Gov. Palin will unite the conservatives. She has been a member of the NRA for 25 years and her favorite pasttime is hunting big game with her Father.

Tonight we have been invited to a media dinner and to the Lousiana Delegation party at GameStop. More free food!


VP Candidate

I'm honored and humbled to join this historic campaign as John McCain's running mate. I feel privileged to join a man I admire and the man I know is ready to lead our country as the next president.
Some of life's greatest opportunities come unexpectedly, and this is certainly the case for me. I never set out to run for office. But life has taken me on a course that first led to the Alaska Governor's office and now the country's first female Republican vice presidential candidate.
I want you to know that John McCain and I will challenge the status quo in Washington. We're ready to address our nation's great challenges - from reducing our dependence on foreign oil to cutting wasteful spending and creating good jobs for Americans. I look forward to working with him to achieve every goal he has set out during this campaign to improve the lives of all Americans

Gov Palin

Friday, August 29, 2008

Credentials Meeting

Friday Credentials Meeting

Today, Friday, we met to hear the concerns of the Committee on Contest. This committee is made of nine individuals that hear delegates that contested being seated to the National Convention. This is the last stop prior to appealing to the Credentials Committee.

We were expecting to hear from contested delegates from Washington and Nevada. Washington was the only state that appealed to the Credentials Committee. Nevada failed to appeal to the committee prior to the Friday noon deadline.

The credentials voted to accept the findings of the Committee on Contest not to seat the contested delegates. We then voted to adjourn. We will not reconvene until around 3:00 PM Monday at which time we will meet briefly to officially adjourn so the National Republican Convention can officially be called to order. All in all having the opportunity to represent Oklahoma as a member to the National Credentials Committee was an experience that I will never forget.

The excitement of the VP announcement has sent the Twin Cities into overdrive.

We heard a few minutes before the official announcement of Gov. Palin.

The coldest state has sent us the Hottest VP!!!


Excitement In Minneapolis

The excitement in Minneapolis is strong. We had our first Credentials meeting yesterday. The meeting was to explain our responsibility to the National Republican Party. According to Chairman of the Republican Party Chairman Mike Duncan, the credentials Committee is equal to the U.S. Supreme Court. Also, before the Republican National Convention could officially start, the Credentials Committee has to officially hear contest and offer its recommendation and adjourn. Today, it is expected that we will have protests from MI, NV and MA. It is my understanding that the issues will pertain to seating of delegates to the National Convention, the questions are, were they registered Republicans, in their state, long enough to be delegates? The Committee is expected to recommend that the RNC re-seat the duly-elected delegates. I can't begin to explain how nervous I am. I listened very intently yesterday making sure, I heard all the facts and putting my personal feelings aside and voting according to the NRC rules.

Obama Mack Daddy

Who is Palin

Who is Governor Palin? I found this blog a couple of days ago. She calls herself a maverick also.

read more: Palin for VP

McCain poised to reveal VP choice

VP watch is hot and heavy. Pawlenty, Romney and now Alaska's Governor Sarah Palin are the front runners. Could it be a lady. Maybe McCain should ask Hillary.

Speculation about John McCain's pick for running mate now includes Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.
The so-called "hockey mom," she's credited with reforms of her out-of-the-way state.
Middletown Regional Airport manager Rich Bevis says a Gulfstream IV plane from Anchorage, Alaska, flew into the airport in southwest Ohio last night. read more

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Obama Night

Before an enormous, adoring crowd, Barack Obama promised a clean break from the "broken politics in Washington and the failed policies of George W. Bush" Thursday night as he embarked on the final lap of his audacious bid to become the nation's first black president.

Nothing new. Carter in 1980, Mondale in 1984, Dukakis in 1988, Clinton in 1992, Kerry in 2004 they all had the same theme. The Republicans are for the have and Democrats for the have nots. However, well delivered but not as good as William Jefferson last night. Read more on

Kyle Pays His Debt

Kyle Loveless, keep his word today and paid his debt in full . We appreciate Kyle keeping his word. Good luck Kyle in your business future.


McCain Makes Decision on VP Running Mate

Republican presidential candidate John McCain decided on a running mate early Thursday, and one top prospect, Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, abruptly canceled numerous public appearances.

Bob Cleveland, delegate to the National Convention through his sources, believe this to be true. Cleveland who is serving on the credentials committee has been working sources all day. When speaking with Minnesota delegation attendees, they confirmed that Governor Pawlenty canceled his schedule and plans to be in Ohio.

Cleveland will be reporting from the credentials committee and from the floor of the National Convention.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Kyle Loveless Still has Not Paid

It's the day after the election. Kyle Loveless assured everyone, at the last Cleveland County Executive meeting, that he would pay his debt of $1500.00 to the party immediately, the day after the election. So, should we expect Kyle to keep his word?
The Executive committee has voted, in the past, to file a claim with the Cleveland County Small Claims Court. Chairman Warren has stated if he does not receive a check, Small Claims will be his next stop.

Cleveland For President

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Russell, Lester Win!

Joe Lester wins Republican primary. The Moore Mafia endorse Mark Hamm for Sheriff Joe Lester wins by larger margin.

After going negative against Steve Russell, Kyle Loveless loses big time! The voters did not appreciate all the lies that Kyle was telling about Russell.

Coburn,Cole, Fallin and Cornett To Address The Nation

Oklahomans in the Spotlight at RNC Convention

Coburn, Cole, Fallin and Cornett to Address the Nation

CONTACT: Communications Director Patrick Moir

Office (405) 528-3501

Cell (405) 248-0629

Oklahoma City, OK—August 26, 2008: Oklahoma Republican Party Chairman Gary Jones today congratulated the Oklahomans who will be speaking at next week’s Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota. Senator Tom Coburn, Congressman Tom Cole, Congresswoman Mary Fallin and Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett will be representing the Sooner State.

“Next week will be great for America,” Jones said. “Not only will the Republican ideals of personal freedom and economic freedom be in the spotlight but all of America will get to see the common sense leadership we have here in Oklahoma.”

“Senator Tom Coburn, Congressman Tom Cole, Congresswoman Mary Fallin and Mayor Mick Cornett are leaders in our state and they deserve their moments in the national spotlight,” Jones continued. “They have been voted by their peers for positions in leadership. Leaders like these are part of the reason Oklahoma’s economy has stayed so strong.”

“I look forward to traveling to Minnesota to join Republicans from across the country in nominating John McCain and his vice-president. I look forward to working with our great Republican volunteers across the state to elect John McCain and our great Republican candidates,” Jones concluded.


Monday, September 1: Congressman Tom Cole (R-OK 2) will address the convention as part of the “Service” program.

Tuesday, September 2: Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) will be featured as part of the “Reform” program.

Wednesday, September 3: Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett will speak to the convention as part of the “Prosperity” program.

Thursday, September 4: Congresswoman Mary Fallin (R-OK 5) will speak to the convention as part of the “Peace” program leading up to John McCain’s convention address.

Oklahoma Republican Party Chairman Gary Jones and the Republican delegates will be available for commentary and insights into the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Democrat "peace" protesters attack Fox News

The radical Obama supporters have shown their true colors again. Fox News staffers were attacked by "peace" protesters that claim to be tolerant and patriotic. Fox was trying to give the protesters a chance to get their message on national TV. They preferred to attack them and try to silence Fox News.

Warning: the peace protesters use a lot of foul language.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

President Bush Coming To Town

Yesterday, at our delegate meeting Bill Price (co-chairman of John McCain's presidential campaign) announced that President Bush, would be coming to OKC September 12th to help raise money for John McCain. It will cost a minimum of $1,000 to attend. The location has yet to be announced, it will be at a private residence in the OKC area. Tickets are sold in advance.

Obama Discriminate's Against The Poor

Sen. Barack Obama's wife and three close advisers have been involved with a program at the University of Chicago Medical Center that steers patients who don't have private insurance -- primarily poor, black people -- to other health care facilities.
Michelle Obama -- currently on unpaid leave from her $317,000-a-year job as a vice president of the prestigious hospital -- helped create the program, which aims to find neighborhood doctors for low-income people who were flooding the emergency room for basic treatment. Hospital officials say such patients hinder their ability to focus on more critically ill patients in need of specialized care, such as cancer treatment and organ transplants.