Wednesday, May 28, 2008

We need More Accountability

Our Republicans at the Capitol have it half right - we do need accountability and innovation in our state government. But the way to get more accountability and innovation is not by growing state government with a new agency. Instead our elected leaders need to expedite the impeachment of Jeff McMahan. As our State Auditor and Inspector, he is in a position to demand more accountability in government, yet instead he’s the latest in a long line of crooked Democrat politicians in this state. Until he either steps down or is impeached, our Republican leaders must use the bully pulpit to talk about Jeff McMahan and the awful job has done. They should talk him and his alleged crimes at every opportunity. Every single Republican official should be hammering him. In the future, our party must help elect an honest conservative to this all important office – and then we’ll finally be able to get some more accountability and innovation in our state’s government.

Pigs Get Fat Hogs Get Slaughtered

Pigs get - fat hogs get slaughtered.
What we have is a bunch of tax hogs - Democrats and Republicans - feeding at the trough. They are taxing and spending our money just like a bunch of hungry hogs! We’ve always known that the Democrats spend money faster than pigs eat slop. But now we have hogs (Republicans) stuffing themselves at the tax payers expense too. When the Republicans go from being elephants to tax hogs they risk going to the slaughterhouse this November. Our Republicans need to stop acting like tax hogs and start acting like conservative Republicans again.

Have you ever wondered why the morals of our country are deteriorating? Why are we losing safe Republican seats all across the country? Why can't we get the Christian right to the polls? Is it George Bush's fault? Is it the war in Iraq? That may be part of it. Who is really at fault? It is us, the voters. We are electing people who claim to be Republicans, but once in office they vote like Democrats. We need to elect conservative Republicans that are not afraid to stand for moral issues and will stop spending our money like Democrats. We need to eliminate waste and reduce the size of Government and it needs to start right here in Oklahoma, at the Capitol!

Our Oklahoma Republican elected officials continued to spend money just like the Democrats have done here in Oklahoma for the past 100 years. Mitt Romney had it right when he said "We can't beat the Democrats by acting like them."

The Legislature voted this past session to put us in debt by $475 million with a $40 million a year debt service. They did the same thing Democrats have done for years. Give a little to higher Ed; give some to Tulsa and rural Oklahoma and give another $25 million to the Indian Culture Center in Oklahoma City. I agree the roads and bridges need fixing but the other is nothing more than pork spending. It's the very same thing we have complained that the Democrats have done for years.

Again "You can't beat Democrats by acting like Democrats". What is worse, our Republican leaders even created another State Agency. Senate Bill #1865 created Office of Accountability and Innovation. Give me a break. Another new agency is not going to solve our problems.

Republicans are supposed to stand for smaller government, so tell me how creating another State Agency makes our government smaller. It is no wonder the average Republican is not happy with our current elected Republicans in Oklahoma. They spend money just like the Democrats. And apparently they believe they did a good job this session. I ask you, Mr. Representative, how many State Agencies did you cut back on? If an agency is not doing the peoples' work then get rid of them show some guts and leadership. Anyone can grow government; heck the Democrats have done it for 100 years. So tell me what the difference is between a Republican and a Democrat?

If the Republican Party in Oklahoma does not get back to basic and conservative values we will lose some important seats. The Republican voter will continue to say, "Why go to the polls and vote Republican when the Republicans do the same thing the Democrats do?" What we need is conservatives, not people who claim to be Republican's. We can either sit on our butts or speak up. I am speaking up; I want conservative Republicans elected.

Obama's Tall Tales

Received this from Bunny Chambers
Obama Adds Another Tall Tale To His List Of Exaggerations Made
Throughout His Campaign

Yesterday, Obama Admitted "He Was Wrong" To Tell A Story About How His Uncle Helped Liberate Auschwitz :

"Democrat Barack Obama Admitted On Tuesday He Was Wrong To Say His Uncle Helped Liberate The Nazis' Auschwitz Concentration Camp After Republicans Said Soviet Troops Freed The Camp." ("Obama Admits Reference To Auschwitz Was Wrong," Reuters, 5/27/08)

• "Obama's Campaign Said The Candidate Meant To Say That His Great-Uncle, Charlie Payne, Had Helped Liberate A Part Of The Buchenwald Camp, Not Auschwitz ." ("Obama Admits Reference To Auschwitz Was Wrong," Reuters, 5/27/08)
FLASHBACK: Obama's Said His Parents "Got Together" Because Of The 1965 Selma March:

In His Selma Speech, Obama Said His Parents "Got Together" And He Was Born As A Result Of The Selma March. Obama: "Because some folks were willing to march across a bridge. So they got together and Barack Obama, Jr. was born. So don't tell me I don't have a claim on Selma , Alabama ." (Senator Barack Obama, Remarks At Brown Chapel AME Church , Selma , AL , 3/4/07)

• "Earlier In The Day At A Prayer Breakfast, The Illinois Democrat Said: 'If It Hadn't Been For Selma , I Wouldn't Be Here.'" (Anne E. Kornblut and Peter Whoriskey, " Clinton , Obama Link Selma March To Present," The Washington Post, 3/5/07)
But Obama Was Born In 1961, 4 YEARS BEFORE The 1965 Selma March. "Barack Obama was born in Hawaii on August 4th, 1961." (Obama For America Website,, Accessed 3/6/07; Anne E. Kornblut and Peter Whoriskey, "Clinton, Obama Link Selma March To Present," The Washington Post, 3/5/07)

FLASHBACK: Obama Claimed He Was Fluent In Indonesian As A Child:

Obama's Claim That He Quickly Became Fluent In Indonesian As A Child Was Disputed By A Former Teacher. "Obama has claimed on numerous occasions to have become fluent in Indonesian in six months. Yet those who knew him disputed that during recent interviews. Israella Pareira Darmawan, Obama's 1st-grade teacher, said she attempted to help him learn the Indonesian language by going over pronunciation and vowel sounds. He struggled greatly with the foreign language, she said, and with his studies as a result." (Kirsten Scharnberg and Kim Barker, "The Not-So-Simple Story Of Barack Obama's Youth," Chicago Tribune, 3/25/07)

FLASHBACK: Obama Incorrectly Placed Himself In The Central Role In The Altgeld Gardens Asbestos Campaign:

Obama "Unfairly Omits Others Responsible For The Successes Of The Asbestos Campaign." "And though most memoirs place their authors at the center of events, critics of Dreams From My Father say the book unfairly omits others responsible for the successes of the asbestos campaign, an event that Obama portrays as central to his maturation as a political leader." (Peter Wallsten, "Obama Memoir Left Out Credits For Activism, Critics Say," Los Angeles Times, 2/19/07)

"Obama Did Not Play The Singular Role In The Asbestos Episode." "They say Obama did not play the singular role in the asbestos episode that he portrays in the best-selling memoir 'Dreams From My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance.' Credit for pushing officials to deal with the cancer-causing substance, according to interviews and news accounts from that period, also goes to a well-known preexisting group at Altgeld Gardens and to a local newspaper called the Chicago Reporter. Obama does not mention either one in his book." (Peter Wallsten, "Obama Memoir Left Out Credits For Activism, Critics Say," Los Angeles Times, 2/19/07)

FLASHBACK: Obama Claimed He Passed Legislation Compelling Nuclear Energy Companies To Disclose Low Level Leaks:

While Campaigning For The Presidency, Obama Has Boasted About "Nuclear Legislation That I've Passed Has Been To Make Sure That The Nuclear Industry Has To Disclose Whatever They Emit Anything That Might Be Considered Radioactive." Obama: "So the only nuclear legislation that I've passed has been to make sure that the nuclear industry has to disclose whatever they emit anything that might be considered radioactive and share that with local and state communities. I just did that last year." (Sen. Barack Obama, Remarks At A Town Hall In Newton , IA , 12/30/07)

But The Bill Did Not Pass In The Senate. "Those revisions propelled the bill through a crucial committee. But, contrary to Mr. Obama's comments in Iowa , it ultimately died amid parliamentary wrangling in the full Senate." (Mike McIntire, "Nuclear Leaks And Response Tested Obama In Senate," The New York Times, 2/3/08)

• Obama's Campaign Did Not Directly Address Questions About Why Obama Falsely Told Voters That The Legislation Had Passed. "Asked why Mr. Obama had cited it as an accomplishment while campaigning for president, the campaign noted that after the senator introduced his bill, nuclear plants started making such reports on a voluntary basis. The campaign did not directly address the question of why Mr. Obama had told Iowa voters that the legislation had passed." (Mike McIntire, "Nuclear Leaks And Response Tested Obama In Senate," The New York Times, 2/3/08)
FLASHBACK: Obama Claimed He Received A Stockholder Letter Which Made Him Realize His Blind Trust Was Not So Blind:

"Obama Said At Some Point In Fall 2005 He Got A Stockholder Letter. He Said He Believes It Was From AVI Or Skyterra, But He Couldn't Remember Which Company." (Nedra Pickler, "Obama Unaware Of Investment Conflicts," The Associated Press, 3/7/07)

• According To SEC Records, SkyTerra Did Not Send Investors Its SEC Proxy Forms In Fall 2005. "The origin of the shareholder update Obama referred to remains unclear. SkyTerra, like many public companies, sends investors copies of its Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) proxy forms, also known as 14As, but none were issued during the fall of 2005, according to SEC records." (Elana Schor, "2008 And Counting: Sen. Obama Pivots After Bad Press," The Hill, 3/8/07)
• AVI Investor-Relations Director: "It Doesn't Sound Like Anything We Would Have Sent Out." "AVI generally sends mailings to shareholders or institutional investors that proactively request them or sign up for e-mail lists, said Michael Hubbard, AVI's investor-relations director. 'It doesn't sound like anything we would have sent out,' Hubbard said." (Elana Schor, "2008 And Counting: Sen. Obama Pivots After Bad Press," The Hill, 3/8/07)