Saturday, January 10, 2009

RNC Needs Strong New Leadershop

The Republican National Committee will soon be picking a new chairman. Normally
the President selects the RNC Chairman and the RNC members merely approve the
decision. But because John McCain lost, the RNC will select the next RNC
Chairman January 30th in Washington D.C.

The RNC is composed of 3 members -- the state chairman, a national
committeeman, and a national committeewoman -- from all fifty states plus
Washington DC,
Puerto Rico, American Samoa, US Virgin Islands, Northern Marianas, and Guam. In
addition to a new chariman, the RNC will be voting on a resolution critical of
the bailout.

Six candidates are seeking the job, including:
1.Mike Duncan current Chairman
2.Ken Blackwell, former Ohio Secretary of State.
3.Chip Saltsman, (Mike Huckabee's campaign manager)
4.Michael Steele, former Lt. Governor of Maryland
5.Saul Anuzis, State Chairman from Michigan
6.Katon Dawson, State Chairman from South Carolina.

Morton Blackwell, a long-time national committeeman from Virginia and someone who has inspired and mobilized two generations of grassroots Conservative activists through his Leadership Institute, put together a list of 37 characteristically thoughtful questions for the candidates and received thoughtful answers in reply

I have read all pages of the response to Morton Blackwell's questionnaire. Two
candidates that really stand out head and shoulders above everyone else are
former Lt. Governor of Maryland and Fox News contributor Michael Steele and
former Ohio Scretary of State Ken Blackwell. I have always like Michael Steele.
I guess you could say he was my favorite from the beginning. However, after
reviewing Ken Blackwell's answers and doing some research, Blackwell is now my
choice. Blackwell has held several elected offices including State Treasurer
and Secretary of State of Ohio. Below is why I am supporting Ken Blackwell for
our next RNC Chairman. I believe Ken Blackwell matches up the best with
Oklahoma's conservative values.

Here is a short list of Ken Blackwell supporters and where he stands on
important issues facing our country.
2. Eagle Forum
3. Club for Growth
4. James Dobson
5. NRA
7. Family Policy Council
8. Opposes same sex marriage.
9. Opposes abortion.
10. Opposes the bailouts.
11. Also Ken Blackwell took on Acorn in his home state of Ohio and kicked butt.

I believe Ken Blackwell best represents the values of Oklahoma conservatives.
Blackwell also believes the RNC needs to focus bottom up, not top down.
Blackwell believes that the Republican Party is not the problem, rather it's
the party leadership.

My second choice is Michael Steele; either of these gentlemen will give us the
leadership we need and deserve.

State Chairman Gary Jones is on Ken Blackwell's leadership team and endorsed
Ken Blackwell from the beginning.

I now am requesting that National Committeeman James Dunn, and National
Committeewoman Carolyn McLarty share their thoughts with the grassroots
conservative all over Oklahoma. Who do you support?


Thursday, January 8, 2009

That's Just Bob New Blog Site

That's Just Bob has launched a new informational site. That's Just Bobdotcom not only has the blog with the no spin opinion of the now more than famous Bob Cleveland, it also has a message board built and maintained by conservatives for conservatives like you. Now you can express and exercise your constitutional right of free political speech. Go there today!!!!

Anuzis, Dawson Favored To Head RNC

Buzz up!Incumbent Mike Duncan probably will get the most first-ballot votes for election as Republican National Committee chairman, but eventual victory likely will go to one of the other two RNC members running for the post in the election scheduled for Jan. 30.

Several members who initially tagged Mr. Duncan or Mr. Steele as the front-runner changed their minds after all six candidates presented their respective cases and fielded questions on Wednesday, the end of an unprecedented three days of candidate self-advertisement.

The new view of these members is that the contest probably will go to either Mr. Anuzis, a technology-hip, motorcycle-riding son of Lithuanian immigrants, or Mr. Dawson, who has amassed a winning record for Republican candidates in his state.

"Saul showed his saviness and had the best grasp of the latest in communications tools," North Dakota Chairman Gary Eminent told The Washington Times after the RNC member-only meeting at the Capitol Hill Club. "But on his winning record in South Carolina and articulating the national party's message, Katon looked pretty strong."

Bailout A Disaster

The next Chairman of the RNC is very important to the success of the Republican Party.

President Bush's handling of the economic crisis came in for sharp criticism during Monday's debate between candidates vying to become the next chairman of the Republican National Committee. Five of the six contenders said they would support a pending RNC resolution criticizing both the auto bailout and the bailout of the financial industry passed by Congress in September.

"The bailout was a bust. It should never have happened," former Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele told the audience at the debate sponsored by Americans for Tax Reform. "Republicans should have had a little bit more you-know-what to withstand the pressure. They didn't and we're paying for it. I absolutely support the resolution because it reflects the frustration of our base." Mr. Steele's position was seconded by four of the five other candidates vying for the RNC chairman's post.

The lone dissenter was Mike Duncan, the current RNC chairman who has worked closely with the Bush administration. He said that "as a banker" he understood the problem better than the other candidates and it couldn't be summarized with "a simple yes or no answer." He did admit the bailouts have clearly created "a lot of problems."

Grover Norquist, head of Americans for Tax Reform, told ABC News that the antibailout resolution was vital to get Republicans "back into the swing of having an opinion as a party" on an issue that involved "giving $750 billion of other people's money to people whose claim to fame is that they lost their money."

The election for RNC chairman, along with a vote on the antibailout resolution, will be held in Washington on January 29.

Who does the Oklahoma delecation support?

Congressman Cole Appointed To The Appropriations Committee

By World Washington Bureau
Published: 1/7/2009 11:29 AM
Last Modified: 1/7/2009 11:29 AM

WASHINGTON –- U.S. Tom Cole nabbed a seat Wednesday on the House Appropriations Committee, one of the more coveted panels in Congress.

As a member of that committee, the Oklahoma Republican will help oversee federal spending.

His new post provides an automatic boost to the state delegation's clout in Congress as members of the committee also can steer funds to their districts and states for specific projects.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sex Drive In Trouble?

The porn industry is looking for bailout. Larry Flint is complaining that Congress has hurt the smut industry. He is looking for $5 billion dollar bailout. Because of all the misery in the country, right now, people are just not thinking about sex, according to Flint. It is hard to believe that a little misery would cause people to stop thinking about sex. Mr. Flint must be from a different planet. I have some friends that are always miserable and all they talk about is sex, go figure. The guy who came up with the "Girls Gone Wild" video is outraged at his lost revenue. He is going to Congress and discuss the bailout and request $5 billion dollars for the smut industry. I hope they show him discussing his request with Congress. It will be interesting to see how they react to the smut industry.
Now the porn industry needs bailout. Leading sellers of smut are looking to Congress to keep them going. I bet they hope that Barney Frank is Chair of the Committee. I can just hear Barney now, "Oh come boys just bend over and take it like all he rest of of us do".

Wednesday, January 7, 2009
MORE on the porn bailout
LOS ANGELES - Joe Francis and Larry Flynt claim the economy has made America's sexual appetite go limp.

According to Flynt of Hustler Magazine and Francis of Girls Gone Wild are asking the government for a $5 billion bailout, claiming the adult entertainment industry has hit hard times -- citing the fact that XXX DVD sales are down 22% from a year ago.

"With all this economic misery and people losing all that money, sex is the farthest thing from their mind," Flynt says. "It's time for Congress to rejuvenate the sexual appetite of America."

Francis sees his industry like the big 3 automakers, only BIGGER: "Congress seems willing to help shore up our nation's most important businesses; we feel we deserve the same consideration."

Francis says he's going to D.C. to personally make the pitch.
We need a on line pole to vote on this one.

Black Montana Bears Now Wants Bailout

Due to a sweeping Democratic Party victory in the November elections, animals that were formerly self-sufficient are already modifying their behavior to take advantage of what they expect to be a new set of societal norms in the next four to eight years.

This black bear from Montana has ceased hunting for a living and is sitting outside the US Fish & Wildlife Service office in Kalispell, apparently waiting to be fed and to have his winter den dug by government employees.

The residents of Kalispell are calling him 'Bearack Obama'.

Take A Stand On The Bailouts

Where are Oklahoma National Committee members Chairman Gary Jones, Committeewoman Carolyn McCarty and National Committeeman James Dunn? Why have they not taken a public stand on the bailouts and the fart tax? I believe Oklahoma Republicans deserve to hear from them and to know where they stand on these issues. I believe we have a right to know who they will be voting for as RNC Chairman at the National RNC meeting. Sure we elected them to represent Oklahoma at the national level, but we deserve to know who they are backing before the vote not after the vote.

What I find very puzzling is why not one of them has taken a stand against the bailout.


Obama's $200 Billion Give Away

It now looks like half of President-elect Barack Obama's stimulus package will take the form of "tax cuts" for 95 percent of all Americans. Yet this wouldn't so much boost the economy as trigger a massive, unhealthy shift in American politics.

Under Obama's plan, the majority of American voters would pay no federal income taxes, but would get money from the government instead. That is, these "refundable tax credits" are basically welfare checks - and Obama's plan would leave the most of us collecting, not paying.

A $200 billion giveaway won't do much to get a $14 trillion economy rolling again. But the plan would leave any future taxpayer revolt no hope of majority support.

Today, the bottom 50 percent of US taxpayers pays a total of $30.6 billion in federal income taxes on a combined income of about $1 trillion. So about 3 percent of all federal income-tax payments come from the poorest half of the country. (The top 1 percent pays 40 percent; the top 25 percent pay 85 percent of the federal income tax.)

Obama's plan - he'd give all couples a $1,000 refundable tax credit and all single people $500 - would funnel more than $50 billion to the lowest half of the country, thereby completely wiping out their total federal tax liability. In most cases, it would trigger a "refund" welfare check.

In one stroke, this would transform the majority of voters from taxpayers into tax eaters - and leave an increasingly small minority to pay the bill. Whether or not this is good economics, it is very dangerous politics.

Essentially, it would put those who actually pay the taxes that fund our government into much the same situation as landlords in New York City - hopelessly outvoted by their tenants, who use their political clout to limit rents and landlords' profits.

Since Ronald Reagan, the anti-tax movement has been based on a blue-collar revolt against high taxes; it would lose that constituency under the Obama plan. Taxpayers would be politically helpless and the tax-eating majority would have free reign to impose any levies it wished.

Almost all of the 68 million tax filers in the country's bottom economic half would get a check from Washington at tax time. Some would be among the 22 million who get money from the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). Others would get a $500 check through the (Bush-passed) Child Tax Credit - and all would get funds through the new Obama tax credit.

Welfare would no longer be only for the poor - the majority of the voters would depend on government handouts. This very system is what makes European social democracies so resistant to change.

In 1980, the bottom 50 percent of the nation paid 7 percent of the national tax bill, after refund and credits. It now pays 3 percent; under Obama's plan, it would pay less than nothing (that is, it would net a profit from the IRS). In 1980, the top 1 percent paid 19 percent of the income-tax burden; now it's 40 percent. Taxes have become the province only of the rich.

Of course, the shift in tax burden also mirrors the incredible increase in incomes of the wealthy in the last 30 years - the top 1 percent earned only 8 percent of the total national income in 1980; now it earns 22 percent. And the poorest half has seen its share of national income fall from 17 percent in 1980 to only 12.5 percent today.

So it is both fair and sensible to give the poor a tax break and to draw the bulk of federal revenues from the rich. But to exempt the bottom half - a majority of the voters - from paying any taxes and to award them refund checks instead would dangerously alter the fundamental balance of national politics. For the economically well off, it could effectively become taxation without representation - which, as the founders of our nation warned, leads to tyranny.
Dick Morris

Trinity Baptist Church Norman


Tell others about this event below. Trinity Baptist Church, Norman will host the science and faith conference.
FYI -- O.U. is doing a big Darwin 200 Celebration ( ) February 12 is the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin's birth. Events are listed on the University of Oklahoma's website. The event that disturbs me most is Richard Dawkins coming to O.U. because he will be paid a lot of money and I'm wondering if that is taken from my taxes. On March 6, Oxford University professor, Dr. Richard Dawkins, renowned evolutionary biologist, theorist, and outspoken atheist will meet with students and deliver a public lecture. Dawkins is the author of The God Delusion, The Blind Watchmaker, etc. Dawkins was interviewed by Ben Stein in the movie, EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed. I would not mind if O.U. used my taxes to bring Ben to speak on the Norman campus.

Oklahomans for Better Science ( ) will be partnering with the IDEA club at O.U. ( ) to counter O.U.'s so-called Darwin 200 celebration. There will be others speaking at O.U. sponsored by the IDEA club. I have heard but not verified, that Dr. William Dembski and Dr. Al Mohler will speak on the O.U. campus to give the other side of this controversial topic.

See below about the conference. For further information about the conference, Ray Martin's email is: or contact Ryan Polk on staff at Trinity Baptist, Norman:


We have scheduled a Science and Faith conference for Feb. 7 from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. at Trinity Baptist in Norman. Keynote speakers include Dr. Mike Strauss, a particle physicist at OU and faculty sponsor of IDEA club, Jeff Harwell, a chemical engineer and ID proponent who introduced Dembski last Sept., and Ronnie Rogers, pastor at Trinity who will speak on naturalism's impact on the Gospel.

There will also be breakout sessions where others will teach in smaller settings on more specific topics.

The cost is $5.

Ray Martin, president IDEA club at O.U.

“Democrats Push for Fart Tax”.

Now The Dems Want A Fart Tax
The EPA, last year, published its Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPR) for regulating greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions under the Clean Air Act. One of the suggestions the EPA made to regulate GHG is to levy a tax on livestock.
“The tax for dairy cows could be $175 per cow, and $87.50 per head of beef cattle. The tax on hogs would upwards of $20 per hog,” the release said. “Any operation with more than 25 dairy cows, 50 beef cattle or 200 hogs would have to obtain permits.”
Analysts predict that it would raise the cost to produce a gallon of milk by about $0.08. It would also drive up the production cost of beef and pork. These costs will be passed on to the consumer.
Prominent politicians on both sides of the aisle can be pretty out of touch with cost of staple foods (John Edwards and Rudy Guliani are examples), so maybe the suggestion of a mere 8 cent raise in milk prices isn't a big deal. But to the average American family it sure is. To the family that has seen the cost of milk, bread and eggs nearly double (in the case of eggs, it more than doubled), in the past few years, additional spikes in food costs are hard to swallow.
Regulating GHG emissions by taxing everyday food items is a bad idea as it hurts people who buy food (which, if my calculations are correct, is a lot of people!). It will also hurt small farmers especially, as the profit margin for small farmers is already pretty small and the additional transaction costs associated with applying for permits and paying a new tax will only hurt

Monday, January 5, 2009

Sheriff Lester Makes Changes

Rhett Burnett gets new position under Sheriff Joe Lester. Lister makes several new changes as the County Sheriff.

Pictured above is Cleveland County's new Under sheriff Rhett Burnett being sworn in by Judge Hetherington last Friday January 2. Rhett is considered by many in law enforcement as one of the top investigators in the state. A great pick by Lester.


Al Franken Cheating To Win Senate Seat

Dick Morris

The Democrats are on the verge of seating Al Franken as the next U.S. Senator from Minnesota.
This is simply an outrage!
On election day, Republican Norm Coleman was ahead by hundreds of votes.
Since then, Franken and liberal allies like George Soros have raised millions to wage a legal fight contesting every Coleman ballot.
With the help of the Democratic Sec. of State in Minnesota, the "recount" has gone wildly in Franken's favor.
With claims of outright vote fraud, double voting -- they are even rejecting military ballots cast by our servicemen overseas to help Franken -- Franken now claims a lead.
He must be stopped. He can be stopped.
The Republican National Lawyers Association (RNLA) is the nation's leading Republican group fighting for a fair vote in Minnesota.
This is the same group that exposed ACORN and is led by a distinguished advisory board, including former attorney general Ed Meese and former solicitor general Ted Olson.
They desperately need to raise funds as the Minnesota recount comes down to the wire.
Please help them today by donating now -- Go Here Now.
Also, read their urgent message below.
Dick Morris
Stop Al Franken Before It's Too Late!
Dear Reader:
The fix is in!
Senate Democrats led by Harry Reid are planning to certify Al Franken the "winner" in the contested Minnesota seat that Republican Norm Coleman is fighting to keep.
New York Sen. Charles Schumer said Sunday that Democrat Al Franken is the clear winner in Minnesota's Senate race and should be seated as soon as possible and last week Democrat Senate Leader Harry Reid said "it appears that Franken will be certified the winner by the state Canvassing Board."
For weeks after the election Norm Coleman led Franken by hundreds of votes and Reid and company were very quiet.
After Franken raised millions and waged a fierce legal battle over a handful of rejected ballots, he claims he is ahead of Coleman by about 225 votes.
The Democrats want to seize on this claim and parachute Al Franken into the U.S. Senate.
The Democrats may use this dubious "certification" to actually seat Franken in the Senate on January 6 -- before the process in Minnesota is even complete!
The Democrats have claimed they were for a fair and honest recount, but the facts show this was simply a lie.
The truth is that billionaire George Soros and ACORN-backed Democrat Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie's Canvassing Board have backed Franken's outrageous subversion of the vote process: some Franken voters have voted twice, Coleman votes have been rejected, and the Franken camp literally makes up the recount rules as they go along.
The irregularities in this Election Contest are absolutely shocking -- and allowing Franken to claim victory now is outrageous.
With the help of Minnesota's liberal Sec. of State Mark Ritchie they have rewritten the rules and Franken now has a "lead."
The Republican National Lawyers Association (RNLA) has been the leader in fighting against vote fraud and for open, fair, and honest elections.
We at the RNLA need your urgent help today to expose the fraudulent efforts of Harry Reid and a Soros-ACORN supported Secretary of State to pick Al Franken the next Senator from Minnesota.
We must expose their brazen attempt to subvert the democratic process -- before the vote is even final!
You can help us stop Harry Reid and George Soros -- Donate Here Now
Let me reveal to you just how Franken and Ritchie are working to steal this election from Republican Norm Coleman.
Ritchie has taken votes that were clearly for Coleman and rejected them, putting them in a pile for the courts to decide at a later date.
Meanwhile, Franken votes have been accepted, giving Franken an artificial lead.
During the recount supposed "errors" were corrected, almost always favoring Franken. Though this is statistically improbable, the votes were counted for Franken.
In one voting precinct that clearly benefitted Coleman, the Ritchie led Canvassing Board ruled that the recount will not include them -- instead that one precinct will have to live with the final vote total as of election night.
The Ritchie led canvassing board has even admitted they are "not going to be entirely consistent" when reviewing challenged ballots and has ruled a number of votes as votes for Franken when his circle is marked and as under votes when the Coleman circle is identically marked.
The effort to subvert a fair vote is so obvious, even a Democratic election official in Minneapolis admitted votes are being counted twice.
"I know it happened in several precincts," she said.
Simply put, the Ritchie led Secretary of State office wants to decide this election in Franken's favor and certify him the "winner."
They want Reid and Senate Democrats to seat him in the Senate.
They don't care if Coleman fights the election in court -- after the fact.
As National Republican Senatorial Chair Texas Senator John Cornyn stated: "Al Franken is falsely declaring victory based on an artificial lead created on the back of the double counting of ballots."
We here at the RNLA are waging a fierce battle to stop Franken, Soros and Ritchie.
We have the truth on our side.
We need to expose these illicit attempts to steal the election and seat Al Franken in the Senate.
You can help up today -- Go Here Now.
Remember this Senate seat is crucial. If Franken joins the Democrats he will give them 59 seats. They will be just one short vote of a filibuster.
They will be able to push through a radical liberal agenda.
But we can still stop them.
We need your help today -- Go Here Now
Thank you.
Michael Thielen Executive Director
PS. During this holiday and New Year our members have not taken off. We at the RNLA believe strongly that the people in Minnesota deserve a fair vote. We need your help to stop Harry Reid Senate, Al Franken lawyers, and the ACORN backed Secretary of State Mark Ritchie Canvassing Board from picking the next Minnesota Senator and ignoring the will of the voters of Minnesota. Help us today -- Go Here Now
Go to to read all of Dick's columns!

Loveless Fined

WASHINGTON — The Federal Election Commission has closed its lengthy investigation of former U.S. Rep. Ernest Istook’s last re-election campaign. Officials disclosed that a civil penalty of $14,600 was levied for various violations.

The FEC staff conducted an audit two years ago of Istook’s 2003-04 campaign. It found improper contributions from corporations, donations exceeding the legal limit, a failure to report some last-minute contributions and campaign money used on personal items, including tickets to football games and Broadway shows.
The commission reviewed audit findings and decided on the $14,600 fine. Documents released last week show the commission allowed $12,000 to be paid from remaining campaign funds.
Personal paymentsIstook, a Republican who now works for a Washington think tank, was required to pay $1,800 from his personal funds.
Istook’s former campaign manager, Kyle Loveless, was required to pay $800 from his personal funds. Loveless, of Oklahoma City, was also required to reimburse the campaign committee $2,153 for money he used on personal expenses.
Commission documents show all the fines have been paid.
Istook ran unsuccessfully for governor in 2006.