Saturday, August 9, 2008

Governor Keating

Unconfirmed report say that former Governor Frank Keating is seeking a
leagal opinion if he can be elected as Governor for possibly another two
terms. Frank Keating will challenge the Okllahoma constiution which
limits Governors to two consecutive terms.

There have been rumors that Keating's Lt. Governor Mary Fallin is
looking at making a run for governor in 2010. This certainly would
make a great primary. Mary is the favorite at this time to be our next Governor.

House Republicans will run legislation again for terms limits
expanding to the all other state wide offices. This is certainly in
conflict with Keating intentions if this is correct.

Terrill Changes Mind about Opening His Bankruptcy

Rep. Terrill asks court to deny reopening bankruptcy petition. According to today's Transcript Terrill has changed his mind about reopening his case. Terrill's attorney filled a motion trying to stop the judge from reopening the case.


Friday, August 8, 2008

Federal Judge Reopens Terrill's Bankruptcy Case

Bankruptcy Court Reopens Terrill Case. A federal judge has reopened Rep. Randy Terrill's 2005 bankruptcy filing after reports alleged that the Republican legislator failed to disclose an asset in the form of a campaign loan the trustee claims should have been declared as an asset and shared with debtors. Federal Bankruptcy Judge T.M. Weaver reopened the case Thursday in response to a petition from bankruptcy trustee John D. Mashburn. Mashburn asked that the case be reopened because Terrill, the head of the House Revenue and Taxation Committee, failed to list as an asset money his campaign owed him. Mashburn said he expected Weaver to reopen the case. He also expects Weaver to re-appoint him as trustee to oversee the case. Mashburn said the judge's order allows creditors to try to recover additional funds from Terrill's estate. Oklahoma Ethics Commission reports show Terrill was reimbursed between $9,800 and about $11,000 for campaign expenses.
Terrill has stated that he nor his wife have a problem with the case being reviewed.

Corporation Commissioner Jim Roth Conflict Of Interest

By Jerry Bohnen/NewsRadio 1000 KTOK ~ What some observers suggested was a possible conflict of interest for State Corporation Commissioner Jim Roth (left) today might not be one, but it's awfully close. While Administrative Law Judge MariBeth Snapp held a hearing today on OG&E's proposed power lines to carry wind-generated electricity from northwest Oklahoma to Oklahoma City, Roth sat in the courtroom listening to the arguments and explanations. Roth was there as a casual observer. Among the 60 gathered for the hearing were Piedmont city officials who object to the location of the power lines. The mayor of Piedmont is Mike Fina, who happens also to be Roth's administrative aide. Before Judge Snapp allowed Piedmont protesters and others to challenge OG&E's power line plans, she made it clear that the Corporation Commission had no authority regarding the location of the power lines. The only decison the Commission could decide was whether OG&E could get a rate hike to pay for the massive power line project. So Fina and other Piedmont city officials didn't get to make their arguments to the judge. Some suggested that it might be a conflict of interest. However, Commissioner Roth will not be voting on any decision about the location of the power lines--only whether he thinks the giant utility should get a rate hike. Still, it raised a question in the minds of some observers--a commissioner listening to testimony while his administrative aide is among those protesters in the audience? With such a close link to the issue, they wonder if Roth might consider recusing himself from the question when it comes before the full commission.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Debate Sheriff Candidates And SD 45 Candidates

Roger Warren, Chairman of the Cleveland County Republican Party announced today that the County Party will host a debate between Sheriff candidates Mark Hamm and Joe Lester. Also, a debate between SD 45 candidates Col. Steve Russell and Kyle Loveless. The location and date is still being finalized. Roger stated that the debate will also be a fundraiser for the County Party. Roger will be the moderator. Candidates will be given the format prior to the debate. The Okla City Community College will not allow fund raising. The next best location is the Moore Library. Roger is trying for August 21st or the 22nd as the debate date.
Time will be 7:00 PM -9:00 PM.
Questions contact Roger Warren 307-0016

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Republicans Are The Real Power

You can cut off the lights, you can cut off the mics, you can cut off the water, but you can't stop the Republicans from fighting for lower gas prices for all Americans. Drill Here Drill Now! Republicans will never be cut off.

Think about this: In order to block a vote on energy for America, Nancy Pelosi tried to cut off power to the House of Representatives
Boehner and pro-energy representatives remembered where power really comes from
However, Rep. John Boehner and many other pro-energy representatives have refused to allow Nancy Pelosi to duck the energy issue. They know that Congress derives its power from the American people. Speaker Pelosi can't order that power supply shut off.
President Bush has the power to call the Congress back into session, but so far he's said he has no plans to do so. It's up to us to change his mind. There should be no confusion as to where Nancy Pelosi and her anti-energy allies on the left stand when it comes to a common sense energy strategy the American people want. You can call the White House at 202-456-1111 to encourage the President.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Workers Comp Reform Is Needed

Oklahoma Trial lawyers have come up with a clever way to contribute to political candidates. After an award settlement, they simply deduct some of the proceeds from their client’s award and write a check to an Oklahoma State Political Action Committee called Working Oklahomans Alliance. One lady said her attorney handed her a Working Oklahomans Alliance membership card "and told me I was a member. He had already subtracted it out of my check, so what was I to do?”

This practice is nothing new. Five years ago, The Oklahoman wrote about workers' compensation attorneys using donations from their clients to pad a fund that bankrolls liberal political causes and Democrat candidates. The donations were strictly voluntary, the attorneys claimed but their clients whose names appeared on the contribution cards said they felt pressured to do so, and others had no idea they had donated. This practice sounds a little like Stipe/Phipps/Mass/McMahan straw donor scheme. A though investigation should be pursued by the AG in Oklahoma, but don’t hold your breath. He may have come up with the scheme. Why are the lawyers so interested in keeping the Democrats in office?

The current Oklahoma's workers' compensation system is governed by the body of law found in Title 85 of the Oklahoma Statutes. This law provides for medical, indemnity and rehabilitation benefits to injured workers. Currently injured workers hire a lawyer to represent them before the Workers Compensation court.

The Oklahoma Workers' Compensation Court administers the Workers' Compensation Act. It is vested with jurisdiction to determine claims for compensation, the liability of employers and insurers, and any rights asserted under the Act. The Court's mission is to ensure fair and timely procedures for the informal and formal resolution of disputes and identify issues involving work-related injuries.
The Court is comprised of ten judges appointed by the Governor from nominees, including the incumbent judge, if any, presented by the Judicial Nominating Commission. Judges serve staggered six-year terms. A judge may be appointed to successive terms. A Presiding Judge is appointed by the Governor from among the Court's judges to serve a two-year term. Awards of the Court are final and conclusive unless appealed to a panel of three Workers' Compensation Court judges unrelated to the case, or directly to the Supreme Court. An order of the three-judge panel may be appealed to the Supreme Court.
The chief administrative officer of the court is an Administrator who, until 2005, was appointed by the Presiding Judge from a list submitted by a five-member selection committee. Thereafter, a vacancy in the position is subject to gubernatorial appointment for a six-year term. The Administrator supervises all departments of the Court. Departments include Docketing, Order Writing, Data Processing, Records, Medical Services, Insurance, Counselors, Form 3 Processing, and the Court Clerk's Office.
Because Oklahoma is one of only two states still settling workers comp disputes before court, Republicans in the State Legislature have worked for decades to reform the system. Senator Jim Williamson, R-Tulsa, introduced a bill that would have required the State Senate confirm those nominated to the court by the Governor. The bill sailed through the State House, but hit a snag in the Senate.

In April of this year, because the Senate was tied at 24, Lt. Gov. Jari Askins broke the tie and helped Senate Democrats block consideration of Williamson’s bill. This highlights once again the importance of the 2008 election cycle for both Republicans and Democrats. The tie will likely change the Senate in November- ether back to the Democrats control or the Republicans will control the Senate for the first time in state history.

According to State GOP Chairman Gary Jones, "the Workers Comp Court is currently set up just the way Brad Henry likes it: stacked with anti-business pro-trial lawyer judges." Williamson's amendment would've brought balance and fairness by requiring Senate confirmation of the judges appointed to this critical court in Oklahoma, but unfortunately Lt. Gov. Askins and Gov. Henry have once again shown their true colors by putting the interests of trial lawyers ahead of the interests of everyday Oklahoma taxpayers," concluded Jones.
Texas enacted workers’ compensation reform in 2005. The bill addressed specific problems in the Texas workers' comp system, namely, high medical costs, poor return-to-work outcomes, and the structure of the state agency charged with administering the system. HB 7 transferred the functions of the Texas Workers' Compensation Commission (TWCC) to the newly created Division of Workers' Compensation at the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI)

The idea of moving to an administrative board to settle worker comp disputes has been proposed in Oklahoma for years. But Republicans have met major resistance from the Trial Lawyer lobby. What’s really at stack is the future payoffs for Trial Lawyers. They are unwilling to give up the workers comp income stream. The Governor is on their side and will do everything in his power to keep the disputed claims in a court he stacks. The loser in those circumstances is the Oklahoma consumer, who will pay more for goods and services due to the higher premiums paid by Oklahoma businesses.

Steve Fair is Chairman of the Stephens County Republican Party. He can be reached by phone at 405.990.7449 or by email at His blog is

Wesselhoft Speaks Up!

Moore, Oklahoma
For immediate release
Press release

Paul Wesselhöft, State Representative, District 54Thanks friends and supporters for your confidence in me by electing me with 75.6 % of the vote.As you know, I conducted an honorable, positive campaign never once going negative against my opponent.I feel that I must now try to repair my reputation with 25 % of the electorate because, unfortunately, my opponent, Dustin McGowen, conducted a malicious, untruthful, negative, campaign! He wrote, "Paul has never taken Constitutional Privilege on any vote dealing with his tribe."Not true! My tribe has had no bills before us; and I, in fact, voted Constitutional Privilege on funding the Native American Center. (And there is absolutely no legal, moral or time conflict with being a state Representative and a part time tribal lawmaker, none!)His flyers, etc., say that I do not return calls.Not true! I am one of the few lawmakers who publishes his home number in the phone book, it is always on my handouts/mail outs. My capitol assistant answers my office calls. Also, my wife, Judy, answers many constituents who call our home giving me the messages. My office number is 557-5343. My home phone is 794-9464.His flyers, etc., say that I have "only passed one bill" into law and that I am a "do nothing Representative." Not true! The record shows that I have passed 25 House Bills, 3 signed by a Democrat governor into law. I have co-authored 180 HB's. I have authored 14 Senate Bills, 8 signed into law & co-authored 85 SB's. I have authored & passed 9 House Concurrent Resolutions & co-authored 65 HCR's. I have passed 8 House Resolutions & co-authored 106 HR's. I have passed 3 House Joint Resolutions & co-authored 8 HJR's.Therefore, I have authored or co-authored over 500 pieces of legislation in just 4 years!My colleagues & constituents know me as a hard working, effective representative and respected chairman. Even KFOR's Kevin Ogle acknowledges me as "a high profiled lawmaker."He press released, circulated on the Internet, that I was in Chicago during the last four days of this election insinuating that I don't care about the election or my district. He says, "I'm outraged that he would abandon this campaign for a vacation in Chicago. He doesn't take this campaign seriously, just like he wastes our time at the State Capitol."Not true! I attended a conservative legislative conference (ALEC) the day after the election witnessed by many legislative colleagues and friends both here and in Chicago and verified by capitol and ethics commission records!This is just a sample of the untruths Dustin McGowen circulated or published. Politically active Republicans need to know the kind of people who aspire to office or future leadership positions in our party as he indicated he might pursue. It is unfortunate that Republican candidates can not run on their own merits but must trash their honorable opponents. If you heard of other negative untruths from Mr. Mcgowen, please email me for the truth at My web site is: paulw.orgAgain, Moore & S. OKC, I thank you for your votes, support and understanding.God Bless, Representative Paul Wesselhöft

Monday, August 4, 2008

Wallace Collins Invloved In Another Scandal?

Norman attorney forms an illegal PAC to fund money to Democrats called "Working Oklahomans Alliance" PAC. Wallace Collins has been given thousand of dollars illegally. Local attorney could face fines up to $1,000 per transaction. Shame on Collins for taking this illegal money. Will Collins give back all his illegal contributions? Taking bets,any takers? How about 2-1 odds?

More information to follow.


Meadows Under Fire!

Here are two emails to Charley Meadows. I believe both emails are very accurate concerning the actions of Kyle Loveless candidate for Oklahoma Senate. Now you decide?



In response to your email today in support of Kyle Loveless, I feel compelled to offer this response. Feel free, in fact, I encourage you, to share this with members of OCPAC, as I doubt that they are aware of the facts I will present, otherwise I doubt you would have endorsed Loveless in the race for SD 45. To suggest that Steve Russell will support corporate welfare legislation because he's received contributions from Larry Nichols, Aubrey McClendon and Greg Love is a non sequitur. These successful Oklahoma businessmen have a history of supporting the Republican Party and numerous Republican candidates. In fact, they all supported me with thousands of dollars in contributions when I was a candidate for office in 2002, 2004 and in 2006even though we disagreed on a number of issues, most notably tort reform.So to say that they control legislators on votes with their contributions simply does not follow. In your rush to support Loveless over Russell, perhaps you are ignoring that Devon, Chesapeake and the many others who support Russell are motivated to support him because he is scandal free. If I recall, you even conceded that opposition to Oklahoma County Commissioner Brett Rhinehart was justifiable because of the cloud of legal scandals hanging over him. It is no secret that Kyle Loveless owes nearly $2000 to the Cleveland County Republican Party that he repeatedly promised to pay back but to this day,never has. In fact, the Executive Committee of the County Party (which he appointed) even voted unanimously "no confidence" in Kyle after his mismanagement and refusal to repay the money. And it is also well known that Loveless was ordered to repay hundreds of dollars to the FEC that he illegally charged on Congressman Istook's campaign credit card for a haircut and flowers in addition to having to pay a fine. Perhaps Larry Nichols, Greg Love and Aubrey McClendon agree with those of us who are tired of being embarrassed by Republicans who make headlines with ethical lapses and who want the next Senator from District 45 to be free of scandals, a Senator who has demonstrated good moral character. Perhaps that is why Steve Russell has their support and why 40% of the voters in the Primary election supported him. I know you aren't accusing Russell of being an automatic "yes" vote for these donors, but you do suggest that he may lack a "conservative ideology by which to measure issues and votes" that "when faced with the desires of the rich and powerful, as expressed through armies of lobbyists, he may never know when he is being manipulated to do their bidding." I suggest to you that a candidate who has a history of breaking federal campaign finance laws and mismanaging county party funds may indeed be the one you need to be worried about being manipulated by the rich and powerful.

Thad Balkman

Charlie, I'm disappointed in you. I just finished reading your OCPAC e-mail in which you made several insinuations against the integrity of Lt. Col. Steve Russell by way of his donors. Sorry, but you can't make those insinuations and then try to cover yourself by saying you're not "trying to paint a picture of Steve Russell as someone who would become a lackey or puppet." Of course you are. If you were truly not trying to do that, then what was your point in connecting those donors to Russell? And why did you say "(those who are against illegal immigration reform and support corporate welfare) may win in the Senate district 45race if Russell wins"? Don't insult the intelligence of your readers. I don't mean to offend your sense of importance, but OCPAC is not the only conservative organization that can distill the conservative ideology of the candidates. Did you bother to look at Russell's website or hear him speak at any of the several events he attended? If you had, then you'd know his conservative credentials are quite good.Lastly, are you not concerned that Kyle Loveless illegally spent campaign funds on personal items for which he was subsequently fined by the FEC? Are you not concerned that Loveless misused the Cleveland County Republican Party funds and left that organization in shambles through his extraordinarily poor management? Loveless has a history of incompetence and unethical behavior. Just because his views sound good to your ears does not qualify him to represent the people of SD 45.


Joe Fairbanks

Congressman Cole Standing Up For All Americans

For Immediate Release: August 4, 2008

Staying Late to Demand a Vote on Energy
By: Congressman Tom Cole

While citizens across the country go bargain-hunting for the “cheapest” gas prices in their areas, Speaker Pelosi and other members of House leadership have collectively put up their “will return after 5-weeks vacation” signs. Sound inconceivable? It should be, but, unfortunately, it is all too true. As America’s families, small businesses and farmers struggle to afford gasoline, Nancy Pelosi and her party remain committed to taking their annual paid vacation. This shameless move by House Democrats to lock the doors of Congress without so much as a vote on legislation to lower gasoline prices is downright negligent.

House Republicans, however, have responded in an unprecedented move by refusing to leave the House chamber, even after Speaker Pelosi ordered the lights, cameras and microphones shut off. I was proud to join my colleagues, some of whom literally got off airplanes to return to the floor when they learned of the Republican "revolt," to demand that Congress reconvene and vote to pass legislation to bring down gasoline prices.

The Speaker's refusal to bring meaningful energy legislation to the floor is not just an abuse of power that silences the Republican opposition - she is using her authority to thwart the will of a majority of Congress. She knows that there is strong, bipartisan support for more domestic production in Alaska and the Outer Continental Shelf. She knows that a majority in Congress support greater use of domestically produced coal and natural gas. And she knows that Americans are ready to embrace clean, safe, nuclear energy. But the radical environmentalists who apparently control her agenda would prevent the democratically elected representatives of the people from carrying out their Constitutional duties rather than risk losing the vote.

While Nancy Pelosi and her small band of obstructionists believe we can solve our energy crisis by relying on conservation and renewable energy alone, there are some members of my own party who believe we can drill our way out of this problem. I disagree with both of these approaches. I think for the sake of our nation's energy independence our policy must be "all of the above." It is absurd for our nation to ignore our vast domestic resources of oil, coal and natural gas. We should be developing them and putting them to use for the American consumer. But it would be short sighted and foolhardy for the United States to miss this opportunity to invest heavily in research into renewable energy and alternative fuels. We need to create incentives for solar, wind, hydro and geothermal energy. And we need to increase the tax credits for the purchase of hybrid vehicles. Finally, American consumers need to look for reasonable ways to conserve more energy. Whether through car-pooling, using public transportation or turning off lights and appliances when they are not in use, we can and should be more conscientious about our energy use.

It's been 20 months since Nancy Pelosi became the Speaker of the House and promised to bring the nation a "common sense energy policy". Yet since that pronouncement she has done precisely nothing while the United States became even more dependent on an increasingly volatile global petroleum market. And her extreme effort to block the Congress from voting on these matters is making her more and more isolated from her colleagues and the American people. Even the liberal Washington Post has called on her to bring these matters to a vote.

The August recess is an important tradition that allows members to go home and reconnect with their constituents. And I'd certainly rather be in Oklahoma in August than in Washington, D.C. But Speaker Pelosi needs to call us back into session so we can have this important vote. I and my colleagues in the minority party, as well as a significant number of common sense Democrats, stand ready, willing and able to come back to work and finish our job.


Liz Eddy
Press Secretary

Sunday, August 3, 2008


From Mark Shannon's blog

The number of Americans infected by the AIDS virus each year is much higher than the government has been estimating, U.S. health officials reported Sunday, acknowledging that their numbers have understated the level of the epidemic.
The country had roughly 56,300 new HIV infections in 2006 — a dramatic increase from the 40,000 annual estimate used for the last dozen years. The new figure is due to a better blood test and new statistical methods, and not a worsening of the epidemic, officials said.
But it likely will refocus U.S. attention from the effect of AIDS overseas to what the disease is doing to this country, said public health researchers and officials.
"This is the biggest news for public health and HIV/AIDS that we've had in a while," said Julie Scofield, executive director of the National Alliance of State and Territorial AIDS Directors. (Quick cure: Don't shoot drugs, have homosexual sex