Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Col. Stephen Russell Senate District 45

Col. Stephen Russell is the top name being talked about around Senate District 45. In the hotly contested Republican Primary to succeed Kathleen Wilcoxson, Russell has out raised all the other candidates combined in individual contributions. He has over 100 individual donors just from inside the Senate district. Sounds like his campaign has a lot of momentum and support. My sources tell me he has almost walked the entire district.
And I’ve heard that the retired Iraqi War veteran has been receiving excellent responses from the voters – no wonder he is the current leader in the district.

Another campaign that is hard at work again according to my sources that live in the district, is long time Cleveland County Republican activist Melinda Daugherty.

And former Oklahoma City Council Member Jerry Foshee’s campaign signs are starting to show up around the district as well.

This looks to be perhaps the most interesting and crowded Republican Primary in Central Oklahoma in 2008.


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Anonymous said...

I only reported what my family and many South side friend's told me. Kyle's name was never mentioned.

Anonymous said...

Kyle appears to be running a lot stronger in the Canadian County portion of Dist. 45 than Foshee, Melinda, or Russell.

The Canadian Co. GOP will be having a candidate forum on June 24 at the Mustang Community Center. That will be a good gauge at how strong the various candidates are running.

Foshee tanked at the Canadian Co. GOP convention. Melinda was a little better. Russell didn't say anything substantive. But Kyle delivered a stong conservative message that resonated well with the delegates.

Anonymous said...

well if anyone is anyone in S. OKC and Moore they see Foshee and Loveless signs EVERYWHERE - Loveless has a few large mini billboard type, Foshee has both large and small.

Foshee has the name, but I don't care what you say, Loveless is running strong on the doors.

Bobby, you are right, this is the race to watch, but I think it is a runoff with Foshee and Loveless.

Anonymous said...

From everything I've seen, its a 2 man race between Russell and Foshee. Lots of Loveless, Melinda, and Gormley signs on street corners, but anybody can put a sign up.