Saturday, May 17, 2008

Article by Scott Carter in today's (Saturday)Transcript

Is Jonathan's opponent is in bed with trial lawyers?

According to Sen. Nichols, Scott Carter of the Norman Transcript did not give all the facts in today’s Transcript article about Senator Nichols fund raising efforts. After assuring Senator Nichols that he would write a fair article, he does not report the facts.

Scott PROMISED truthfulness and accuracy to Sen. Nichols, yet he stated a false and inaccurate statement on the front page of the Transcript.

Scott PROMISED truthfulness and accuracy, yet he falsely stated that of Nichols $200,000, over half was carried forward from Sen. Nichols previous campaign. False

Scott PROMISED truthfulness and accuracy, yet he falsely and inaccurately stated that Sen. Nichols carried forward $111,000 from his previous campaign. FALSE!

If Scott’s article were true, then Sen. Nichols only raised 89,000 this campaign where his opponent has raised over $90,000 this campaign.

Sen. Nichols carried forward ZERO DOLLARS from his previous campaign. Sen. Nichols raised over $200,000 this campaign for 2008. Of that, $180,000 was raised during the same time period that Diane Drum only raised $90,000.

Sen. Nichols has worked very hard setting fundraising records and out raising his opponent two to one. News of his extraordinary fundraising efforts spread across Norman and the State. Now, in one article in the Transcript by Scott Carter has undone Sen. Nichols hard work with false and inaccurate reporting. No doubt this was his intent.

Scott stated that Sen. Nichols opponent has out raised him this campaign. False. Scott stated that some of Diane Drum’s money is from attorneys when MOST of her money is from attorneys!!

Further, Scott suggests that Sen. Nichols opponent has raised a newsworthy amount when Lisa Prior raised more money than his opponent last campaign. What was newsworthy was
the record setting amount of $200,000 raised By Sen. Nichols campaign. That's why the OKLAHOMAN reported it as such.

Scott states that Sen. Nichols raised $51,000 from PACs, yet he omits the fact that $70,000 of Diane’s $90,000 came from over 100 attorneys, most of who live outside the Norman area.

Not only does Carter make blatantly false statements, but then he misleads the reader with omissions.

Sen. Nichols will now have to spend a great deal of his personal time and campaign moneys trying to undo the damage of Scott’s lies. Scott Carter’s story has altered the momentum of Sen. Nichols campaign, and the damaging alteration was made with Scott Carter false reporting.

Scott Carter political bias has grossly surfaced...


Anonymous said...

I hope Andy fires Scott Carter

BossHawg said...

Didn't Mr. Carter used to work for the Senate Democrats?? Isn't Ms. Drum hoping to become a Senate Democrat??

gipogoob said...

Andy will probably defend Scott Carter. There have been completely false editorials on numerous occasions in the past and no one fired Andy.