Wednesday, May 28, 2008

We need More Accountability

Our Republicans at the Capitol have it half right - we do need accountability and innovation in our state government. But the way to get more accountability and innovation is not by growing state government with a new agency. Instead our elected leaders need to expedite the impeachment of Jeff McMahan. As our State Auditor and Inspector, he is in a position to demand more accountability in government, yet instead he’s the latest in a long line of crooked Democrat politicians in this state. Until he either steps down or is impeached, our Republican leaders must use the bully pulpit to talk about Jeff McMahan and the awful job has done. They should talk him and his alleged crimes at every opportunity. Every single Republican official should be hammering him. In the future, our party must help elect an honest conservative to this all important office – and then we’ll finally be able to get some more accountability and innovation in our state’s government.

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BossHawg said...

Why is Mike Reynolds the only Republican calling for McMahan's head? Coffee and Benge - especially Benge - better get after it!!!