Friday, July 18, 2008

NRCC Slams Democrats

NRCC Slams Dems for Adjourning Without Addressing Fuel Costs
Thursday July 17, 2008

National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Tom Cole is asking any American who'll listen to sign a petition demanding Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi keep Congress in session until a bill can be passed that will address the high costs of oil and fuel.

"When Americans are canceling vacations because gasoline is over $4.00 per gallon, Democrats plan to adjourn work for a month-long vacation the first of August WITHOUT holding a vote to drill for American oil," Cole writes. "This is inexcusable. I know you’ll agree with me that there should be no recess without voting on legislation that can help lower gas prices."

Cole's right. It's time for this nation's leaders to do something to address the fuel crisis that's hitting Americans so hard. It's one thing to consider how the crisis hurts American vacations; it's quite another to consider how the crisis hurts American livelihoods.

Just this week, auto-giant General Motors announced it was cutting its work-force because it's feeling the economic pinch, and no doubt transportation costs are one reason they're hurting so badly. When Americans are losing jobs because Congress won't do its job, something's wrong. I realize the US government typically creates more problems than it solves, but this is one time it can help its citizens in a profound way.

Cole goes on to cite this Gallup Poll, which shows Congress' approval rating hitting a record low of just 14 percent. Part of the problem is that Americans feel legislators ignore their concerns. If the Democrats adjourn without hashing out legislation that will ease the crisis -- even if it simply boils down to letting states decide for themselves what is in their best interests -- they can expect those approval ratings to dip even lower.

While Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is planning to adjourn Congress in two weeks, a group of House Republicans are planning a trip to Alaska this weekend to learn what readers already know: Alaskans want the right to drill for oil in the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge.

If you feel like Congress isn't doing enough to address fuel costs and should save their vacation until after they do their job, sign Cole's petition. Maybe it will be your voice that changes Pelosi's mind.


Sid Vicious said...

Hey Bob -
what's the link to Tom's petition?

bob said...

Hope to have petition in the morning.