Friday, October 17, 2008

Define Marriage Between A Man & A Woman

Proposition 8 in California is a hot bed for the Homosexuals agenda. The liberals are trying to get no votes out on Proposition 8. Proposition 8 is a ballot question in CA that will amend the state constitution to define marriage and between a man and a woman. Unions are running TV ads making all kinds of claims about how this was discriminatory, intruding on civic rights, etc. etc. The ads included a list of organizations and newspapers that oppose the amendment. Featured prominently was the CA Teachers Association! Should the teacher’s dues be used this way? Union dues shouldn't be funding the opposition to this ballot question. Below is a list of other Labor Organizations opposing Prop 8 on their website:

Labor Organizations
California Federation of Teachers
California Labor Federation
California Nurses Association
California Teachers Association
Communication Workers of America District 9 San Francisco Deputy Sheriffs’ Association SEIU California State Council United Farm Workers UNITE HERE!
United Teachers of Los Angeles

California Teachers Association just donated $1 million dollars to defeat Prop. 8.

Can you believe what it will be like under ObamaNation?

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