Thursday, November 13, 2008

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The following letter was one I wrote in reaction to a column written by far-left Oklahoma City-based pastor Robin Meyers, which appeared in this week's issue of the Oklahoma Gazette. - Andrew

Dear Editor,

Driving east into the Oklahoma Panhandle from New Mexico a few days before Election Day, I paid attention to the political signs I saw driving back home to Oklahoma City. Save for some signs supporting some local Democrats on the local and state level, there was not a single sign along the roadside touting support for Democrat candidates Andrew Rice, Jim Roth or Barack Obama, at least until I got into Oklahoma County.

I thought this said a lot about rural Oklahoma and the conservative values they hold dear. The sanctimonious rantings of Robin Meyers would lead one to believe that there is an army of liberals here in the Sooner State that have somehow been disenfranchised by know-nothing conservatives. The simple fact is that the majority of Oklahoma voters paid attention to the campaign and saw that Obama, Roth and Rice held views counter to their own. With that in mind, Oklahomans voted accordingly.

Meyers, meanwhile, says that with all 77 Oklahoma counties voting for McCain-Palin we are now a "national embarrassment." Beyond our state's borders, the country and the world "wept for joy" at the election of America's first black president. While that is a remarkable achievement for our nation, one has to look deeper, beyond the packaging and words of the candidate and look to see what they really represent. In the case of President-Elect Obama, well, he appears to be a far-left globalist more interested in pleasing the world and his handlers than in doing what is right for the American people.

And then there are all the unanswered questions swirling around Obama. He's really a bit of a mystery man. I talk to folks of different political stripes and more than one has indictated they feel like the American people are getting conned by a guy who, like Harold Hill in "The Music Man," and his promises of a boy's band, won't deliver. In Obama-world, the South Side Savior promises well-meaning rubes, from Seattle to Schenectady, "hope" and "change." Hope? Change? Trouble in River City, indeed!

Reportedly, Obama performed well during his at Harvard Law, yet strangely the Obama team refuses to release any specific information regarding his time there or while he was at Columbia University. Why is that? Perhaps Rev. Meyers knows? I mean in 1990, Obama was made editor of Harvard Law Review. Yet, while serving in that position he wrote little more than a heavily-edited note or two, one, bizarrely, calling for limitless abortions.

Yet, Meyers would say that Sen. John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin are imbeciles in comparison to the Messiah-Most-Merciful whose grades are unknown to the public even today.

Having been burned before by the snake-oil peddlers in the Democrat Party - look at the corrupt Stipe machine in Little Dixie for instance - Oklahoma voters could sniff out a con-man right away and when it came to picking a president, John McCain was more in line with their political beliefs, which include lower taxes, less government intervention and yes, fewer abortions.

Meyers wants you to believe that Oklahoma "fell flat on its face" on Election Day. But when I saw the ruby-red map of Oklahoma after the election, I knew a lot of us stood tall, our spines straight. We can be proud that we weren't conned into voting for a slick product. Rather, we made a choice we felt was right for our state and we stand by that choice.


Andrew Griffin
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Oklahoma City,OK
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