Saturday, January 17, 2009

Star Parker Says, We Need Share Holder Revolt

We Still Need New Leadership

The fact there does not appear to be a single Republican leader capable or ready to challenge the assertion that "only government" can put our sputtering economy back on track shows we need a rebirth of the Republican Party. And that this rebirth must come from the grass roots.
Those 56 percent of Republicans who said "no" in this latest Gallup poll are looking for a leader. And that leader certainly does not seem to be in Washington.
As the political class in Washington transforms our once great, prosperous and free country into a lumbering socialist mediocrity, a voice of dissent is needed.
In this sense, I like what Ken Blackwell is proposing in his run for Republican National Committee chairman. Mr. Blackwell is calling for a "shareholder revolt" within the Republican Party and to move power, money and influence to state organizations.
We do need a shareholder revolt in the Republican Party followed by one in the country as a whole.
Star Parker is a nationally syndicated columnist.

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