Friday, August 29, 2008

Credentials Meeting

Friday Credentials Meeting

Today, Friday, we met to hear the concerns of the Committee on Contest. This committee is made of nine individuals that hear delegates that contested being seated to the National Convention. This is the last stop prior to appealing to the Credentials Committee.

We were expecting to hear from contested delegates from Washington and Nevada. Washington was the only state that appealed to the Credentials Committee. Nevada failed to appeal to the committee prior to the Friday noon deadline.

The credentials voted to accept the findings of the Committee on Contest not to seat the contested delegates. We then voted to adjourn. We will not reconvene until around 3:00 PM Monday at which time we will meet briefly to officially adjourn so the National Republican Convention can officially be called to order. All in all having the opportunity to represent Oklahoma as a member to the National Credentials Committee was an experience that I will never forget.

The excitement of the VP announcement has sent the Twin Cities into overdrive.

We heard a few minutes before the official announcement of Gov. Palin.

The coldest state has sent us the Hottest VP!!!


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