Friday, August 29, 2008

Excitement In Minneapolis

The excitement in Minneapolis is strong. We had our first Credentials meeting yesterday. The meeting was to explain our responsibility to the National Republican Party. According to Chairman of the Republican Party Chairman Mike Duncan, the credentials Committee is equal to the U.S. Supreme Court. Also, before the Republican National Convention could officially start, the Credentials Committee has to officially hear contest and offer its recommendation and adjourn. Today, it is expected that we will have protests from MI, NV and MA. It is my understanding that the issues will pertain to seating of delegates to the National Convention, the questions are, were they registered Republicans, in their state, long enough to be delegates? The Committee is expected to recommend that the RNC re-seat the duly-elected delegates. I can't begin to explain how nervous I am. I listened very intently yesterday making sure, I heard all the facts and putting my personal feelings aside and voting according to the NRC rules.

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