Saturday, August 9, 2008

Governor Keating

Unconfirmed report say that former Governor Frank Keating is seeking a
leagal opinion if he can be elected as Governor for possibly another two
terms. Frank Keating will challenge the Okllahoma constiution which
limits Governors to two consecutive terms.

There have been rumors that Keating's Lt. Governor Mary Fallin is
looking at making a run for governor in 2010. This certainly would
make a great primary. Mary is the favorite at this time to be our next Governor.

House Republicans will run legislation again for terms limits
expanding to the all other state wide offices. This is certainly in
conflict with Keating intentions if this is correct.


Capitol said...

House Republicans will run the bill again?

I believe it was the SENATE REPUBLICANS, specifically Sen. Randy Brogdon, who stood tall in that fight - NOT the House Republicans. It was a SENATE bill - not a House bill.

Word at the Capitol was that every time they wanted to hold a press conference regarding the SENATE Bill that the House Author had to be tracked down much like Waldo in "Where's Waldo."

Jared said...

Well, I for one would be glad to have Mary Fallin as our great state's first woman governor. She is a common-sense conservative... I only hope that if elected she would stop the state government official's "Come let us hold hands" approach and actually take a stand and fight for it.