Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Wesselhoft Speaks Up!

Moore, Oklahoma
For immediate release
Press release

Paul Wesselhöft, State Representative, District 54Thanks friends and supporters for your confidence in me by electing me with 75.6 % of the vote.As you know, I conducted an honorable, positive campaign never once going negative against my opponent.I feel that I must now try to repair my reputation with 25 % of the electorate because, unfortunately, my opponent, Dustin McGowen, conducted a malicious, untruthful, negative, campaign! He wrote, "Paul has never taken Constitutional Privilege on any vote dealing with his tribe."Not true! My tribe has had no bills before us; and I, in fact, voted Constitutional Privilege on funding the Native American Center. (And there is absolutely no legal, moral or time conflict with being a state Representative and a part time tribal lawmaker, none!)His flyers, etc., say that I do not return calls.Not true! I am one of the few lawmakers who publishes his home number in the phone book, it is always on my handouts/mail outs. My capitol assistant answers my office calls. Also, my wife, Judy, answers many constituents who call our home giving me the messages. My office number is 557-5343. My home phone is 794-9464.His flyers, etc., say that I have "only passed one bill" into law and that I am a "do nothing Representative." Not true! The record shows that I have passed 25 House Bills, 3 signed by a Democrat governor into law. I have co-authored 180 HB's. I have authored 14 Senate Bills, 8 signed into law & co-authored 85 SB's. I have authored & passed 9 House Concurrent Resolutions & co-authored 65 HCR's. I have passed 8 House Resolutions & co-authored 106 HR's. I have passed 3 House Joint Resolutions & co-authored 8 HJR's.Therefore, I have authored or co-authored over 500 pieces of legislation in just 4 years!My colleagues & constituents know me as a hard working, effective representative and respected chairman. Even KFOR's Kevin Ogle acknowledges me as "a high profiled lawmaker."He press released, circulated on the Internet, that I was in Chicago during the last four days of this election insinuating that I don't care about the election or my district. He says, "I'm outraged that he would abandon this campaign for a vacation in Chicago. He doesn't take this campaign seriously, just like he wastes our time at the State Capitol."Not true! I attended a conservative legislative conference (ALEC) the day after the election witnessed by many legislative colleagues and friends both here and in Chicago and verified by capitol and ethics commission records!This is just a sample of the untruths Dustin McGowen circulated or published. Politically active Republicans need to know the kind of people who aspire to office or future leadership positions in our party as he indicated he might pursue. It is unfortunate that Republican candidates can not run on their own merits but must trash their honorable opponents. If you heard of other negative untruths from Mr. Mcgowen, please email me for the truth at http://mail.coxmail.com/agent/MobNewMsg?to=paulw4rep@hotmail.com. My web site is: paulw.orgAgain, Moore & S. OKC, I thank you for your votes, support and understanding.God Bless, Representative Paul Wesselhöft

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