Friday, September 26, 2008

Judges On The Ballot "Say NO To Liberals"

I just received my absentee ballot. On the ballot is a long list of judges. Should the judges be retained yes----no. I made a few calls trying to determine which of the judges were liberal and which were conservative. One thing that amazed me was it is very difficult to find out information about judges. They will not respond to any type of questionnaires. In fact, they seem to not want the public to know much about them. So my next thought was to look and see who appointed them to office.

As my mom always told me, "you are judged by the company you keep". You can vote for judges appointed by a liberal like former Governor "Walters" or an even more liberal like Brad Henry. I am only voting to retain Johnson and Lumpkin; both have rock solid reputations and were appointed by conservative Henry Bellmon. It is time we take voting for judges serious! Did you know that in Oklahoma we have never voted a judge out of office, at the ballot box.

Supreme Court Justices

District 1 - John Reif, appointed by Henry District 6 - Tom Colbert, appointed by Henry
District 9 - Joseph Watt, appointed in 1992 (Walters)

Court of Criminal Appeals

District 2 - Charles Johnson, appointed in 1989 (Bellmon)
District 3 - Gary Lumpkin, appointed in 1988 (Bellmon)

Court of Civil Appeals

District 1, Office 1 - Jerry Goodman, appointed by Walters
District 1, Office 2 - Jane Wiseman, appointed by Henry
District 2, Office 2 - Keith Rapp, elected way back before they got appointed
District 3, Office 2 - John Fischer, appointed by Henry

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