Friday, September 26, 2008

Peta/Ben And Jerry's

Proving again just how goofy they are, PETA asked Ben & Jerry’s to substitute human breast milk for cow milk in its ice cream. (Press release and letter from PETA below). Some might say this idea is udderly outrageous! And while we are using play on words, let me suggest some new flavors if Ben & Jerry’s makes the switch . . .

Busty Monkey

Butter Pectoral Pecan


And Peanut Double D Cup (see below)

Press Release from PETA –

The Breast Is Best! PETA Asks Ben & Jerry's to Dump Dairy and Go With Human Milk Instead

For Immediate Release:

September 23, 2008


Ashley Byrne 757-622-7382

Burlington, Vt. - This morning, PETA dispatched a letter to Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, cofounders of ice cream icon Ben & Jerry's Homemade Inc., urging them to replace the cow's milk in their products with human breast milk. PETA's request comes in the wake of news reports that a Swiss restaurant owner will begin purchasing breast milk from nursing mothers and substituting breast milk for 75 percent of the cow's milk in the food he serves. PETA points out to Cohen and Greenfield that such a move on their part would lessen the suffering of dairy cows and their babies on factory farms and benefit human health at the same time.

"The fact that human adults consume huge quantities of dairy products made from milk that was meant for a baby cow just doesn't make sense," says PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman. "Everyone knows that 'the breast is best,' so Ben & Jerry's could do consumers and cows a big favor by making the switch to breast milk."

For more information, please visit PETA's Web site or click here.

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