Thursday, December 4, 2008

Just Say No

To our Oklahoma Delegation:

Please do not bail out the Big Three auto makers. The United Auto Workers have not made any serious concessions. To be paid $168,000 a year, to screw bolts onto a part using an air driven-socket wrench is ridiculous ! I taught engineering at the University of Oklahoma for over forty years and never came close to making that kind of money.

Let them file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. If they don't survive, then Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Mercedes etc will provide us with all the American made cars that we need at a cheaper price.

It will be much cheaper for us to pay unemployment insurance to these guys than to increase our debt by 25-125 billion dollars. We survived the death of Studebaker and Hudson auto companies, and we can survive the death of GM, etc.

We don't need to pile on more debt to our kids and grandkids.

It's time to say NO to Bailouts. They have not worked! We are turning our country into a socialist state.The pursuit of Happiness is available to individuals,but the government cannot guarantee Happiness.

Thank You,

Prof. Edward F Blick
Norman, OK

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