Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bob Picks Top 5 2008 Stories

1. GOP takeover number one story for 2008. Republicans now control the Senate and the House with 26 Republicans and 22 Democrats in the Senate. In the House the Republicans have 61 and the Democrats have 40.
2. Dana Murphy beats Jim Roth for Corporation Commissioner in the most negative campaigning in the history of Oklahoma by any Democrat or a Republican candidate. Dana Murphy stayed focused and run a clean race and did not return evil for evil. Dana stayed with her qualifications and did an outstanding job articulating her qualifications a traveling all over the state speaking to various groups.
3. House Speaker Lance Cargill resigns.
4. Democrat Auditor and Inspector Jeff McMahan convicted. Another Democrat crook bites the dust!
5. Rep. Sally Kerns makes national news for speaking the truth. She was over overwhelming re-elected and is one of the most respected members of the House.

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