Monday, January 19, 2009

Sex Is A Problem- Needs $3 Billion Bailout

Larry Flynt, owner the sex magazine Hustler and Joe Francis, of "Girls Gone Wild" his buddy in the sex trade, wants bailout for their businesses.

I am not joking, these guys want $3 billion to bail them out. According to Flynt and Francis they have lost more than 20% of their business because of the poor economy.

Okay now lets look at the problem. Congress bailed out the auto industry and the banks. So if you had a choice, would you rather be driving a new car with credit cards in your pocket or reading Hustler magazine and watching "Girls Gone wild"? I have also heard the hookers in Vegas are upset because of the economy. They may be traveling to DC as well. I believe they are more for a Character witness and someone that can get down on the same level as Barney Frank, just in case he is the head dog that is over Smut Bailouts.

I bet they are hoping to get Barney Frank as the head committeeman over Smut bailouts. Barney might tell them, "Why are y'all complaining, why don't you just bend over and take it like the rest of the country has been doing for years"? I find it rather ironic that Congress, who have been screwing the American people for years, can offer any assistance or can cure America's lack of Smut desire. I actually never thought of Barney Frank as a sex therapist.

These guys are saying that men do not think about sex when they are miserable. I know plenty of men that are always miserable and all they talk about is sex. Go figure. DUH!


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