Thursday, June 26, 2008

Senate District 45 Debate In Mustang

I went to the debate last night for senate district 45 Overall it was very boring. At the end, the candidates were allowed to ask each other questions and this was interesting. Kyle Loveless asked the candidates who won the Canadian County Bedlam Football Game. No one knew. Trying to show how active he has been I suppose. That was more humorous than anything. Marty remained boring, Steve asked a good question but nothing hard. Something to the effect of “What are you going to do to promote family values.” No one really answered the question.

Melinda Daugherty asked Kyle, “Why were you asked to resign as Cleveland County Chairman?” A little rough I would say. Kyle didn’t really have an answer but just said “Sometimes you make people mad, other times you don’t. I’ll let the record speak for itself.” Kind of a lame answer but okay. She also asked Steve Russell if he plans on serving his full term in office or if he merely see’s this as a step to a higher office and also if his move to the district was merely out of convenience to run. Steve responded with a thanks for the confidence that he is ready for a higher office but assured everyone he is only looking at this office. He also said how he has been a long time Cleveland county voter even while overseas and he chose to raise his family here because of his family roots.

The primary questions that were asked were predictable and boring and everyone agreed on everything.

Jerry Foshee was not there. The candidates for district 47 made a brief speech at the beginning. There is a young guy, the name escapes me, but he was very impressive.

Overall it was a boring evening up until Melinda Daugherty at the end. I think Marty presented himself as a nice guy but not a strong candidate. Melinda is just…Melinda. I think she came across very vicious at the end when she asked Kyle and Steve those questions. Kyle and Steve presented themselves as the strongest candidates. This seat with be very interesting. I personally predict a runoff between Kyle Loveless and Steve Russell.

David Greggs

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Frank Vangilder said...

I attended the forum in Mustang and I agree for the most part it was boring. I don't agree that Ms. Daugherty was vicious. I think she was the only one to ask a pertinent question. She more than held her own with Kyle, Steve and Marty. She will make an outstanding senator and has my vote.
Frank Vangilder