Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Speed Bumps Holy Crap!!!!!

Do the new speed bumps really work? Do they actually cost the consumers more gas? What did the City pay to have all these speed bumps installed? Did they over do it? Three or four speed pumps per block is just a little excessive, don’t you think? Who had this hair brain idea anyway? Will the drivers just go down another street and avoid the speed bumps? Why can’t we have actual police cars (not unmarked police cars) visible in the area that speed is a problem and issue tickets to speeders? Tell me what you believe the city should do? More speed bumps? Less speed bumps? No speed bumps at all? Is speeding in these areas really a problem? Let’s hear your comments.


I Love Norman said...

Looks like as always Norman went overboard with these bumps every 300 feet or so, I called my City Council person and I suggest you do the same either way if you like or dislike these bumps !

I Love Norman said...

.........F Y I Comments .....about the Speed Bumps , here is a link to reach everyone on the Council , I hope this helps !


or try the City of Norman website :


sooner_1 said...

Speed "bumps" (in reality, more like speed MOUNTAINS) are a typical government "solution" to a problem that ends up having little effect on the real problem, and side effects that were either not considered at all, or were ignored. These speed "bumps" don't care HOW fast or slow you are going, they jar and rattle you either way. They punish a person traveling the speed limit almost as much as one traveling substantially above it. They may not destroy your car, but I can't be convinced that it is not bad for your car to go through the equivalent of driving off a curb multiple times a day. There should be police patrols focused on punishing those who ACTUALLY speed, not inanimate, thoughtless lumps of asphalt, no doubt placed at considerable cost to the taxpayers. I have actually observed cars "flooring it" after rolling over one of these objects, adding wreckless driving to speeding. LESS speed bumps (NONE would be best), MORE enforcement. I have observed cars flying through neighborhoods, many times turning into driveways in those same neighborhoods. Perhaps some well-placed tickets would be more effective in encouraging safe driving... without the added cost, both governmentally, and mechanically.

FelicityL said...

Sounds like Castlerock, they have several new speed bumps. There is more than one way to fix the problem: speak at city council meetings, go to Chamber of Commerce events, Lion's Club, etc. and get others involved.

I would suggest that you find a new neighborhood, one with shorter streets or more turns.

Dena said...

The two speed bumps at the entrance to Royal Oaks is a poor start, IMHO. One bump there, and other's placed in more appropriate areas would be much better. And, unless I crawl over the bumps, they totally joggle the car/me.