Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Speed Bumps Again

Speed Bumps
From the comments that I have received, it looks like a lot of people are not real happy with the speed bumps. The question is does the City Council really care? Read the comments concerning speed bumps in my first posting.


East Normanite said...

I think they care , but they also need a way to remove .I called and looks like it takes quite a process to get speed bumps on a street , BUT here is the question , if the people that live on the street have rights ,do the people that live close or go down the street have any rights ?? I believe in rights but I believe in a right to reverse.
Question :
What is the process to get these bumps removed ??
Call and find out , I believe you will be amazed .

East Normanite said...

Carter has new bumps and their not done ,I went and looked a total of five or more when their done , how much money at around $ 1500.00 each.....our Tax Dollars at work for us !