Sunday, October 19, 2008

Parents Mad At Teachers Union

Rumor has it that many students, teachers and parents are going to take action regarding California's Proposition 8 on the same day... Tuesday, October 21st.

This story about the California Teachers Association ("CTA") donating $1 Million to preserve same-sex marriage made many people ill.,0,6308701.story Therefore...

1. STUDENTS Many children are coming down with something. Many California public school students are going to be sick and ABSENT FROM SCHOOL on Tuesday, October 21st. This would be a good time for them and their parents to write letters to the editor about how they feel about CTA's donation. Many are puzzled why the professional group hired to educate them is spending so much money to push their own social agenda.

2. TEACHERS With all those students out sick on Tuesday, October 21st, many California public school teachers intend to DEMAND $300 POLITICAL REFUNDS from their union dues using these instructions here: .

The magic number is 3,333. If that many teachers demand political refunds from their union on the same day, CTA will notice because the total amount will equal the million dollars it wasted fighting to neuter marriage. If these 3,030 teachers turn around and donate their $300 refunds to Yes on 8, CTA's whole cockamamie scheme will have backfired completely.

3. PARENTS Many parents of public school children are going to try to counter CTA's meddlesome donation on Tuesday, October 21, 2008, by DONATING $35, $50 OR $100 TO Protect Marriage here: . Make sure to put "CTA" in the referral box

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