Sunday, October 19, 2008

Roth's Homosexual Friends

At the Corporation Commissioner Debate held last week in Norman between
Jim Roth and Dana Murphy, candidate Jim Roth refused to answer an OU
student's very simple, yet very relevant question. Jim Roth walks away from the
OU student when she asks him, " You claim to have Oklahoma values, so
why are you receiving so much money from out of state?"

When Roth had a chance to stand up for his homosexual friends and
supporters all across the country, Roth refused. He told the young lady
asking him this question that he had to meet other people and could not
discuss the question with her. So he just walked off and asked one of
his campaign workers to handle the question. But the campaign staffer
would not answer the question either.

How long would it had taken Roth to say "those campaign contributions
from all over the nation come from my homosexual friends" ?

How can a person that is afraid to answer a simple question be qualified
to hold any elected position? Jim Roth did not want to admit that he is
the poster child for homosexuals all across the country. Why has Roth
not mentioned this in any of his debates? Roth does not deserve to
elected. And Oklahoman families cannot afford to let homosexuals across
the country bankroll the campaign of candidate Jim Roth.


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