Thursday, November 20, 2008

Attention Washington! "Norman, Okla Has The Solution to the Auto Bailout"

Congressman Cole, Congresswoman Fallin, Senator Inhofe, Senator Coburn, please take the time to review the proposal below. Mayor Lewis and Rod Cleveland have an idea that makes more sense that the bailout that the goverment is considering.

Auto makers bail out

I have got an idea for the auto maker bail out. Don't give the auto
makers cash from the US government but issue vouchers to local and
state governments (not federal) for new automobiles, trucks, and
equipment. The local entity then takes that voucher to the local
dealer and turns it in and pays a nominal processing fee or prep fee.
The dealer turns it into the auto maker and gets it's money from the
government that way. This gets inventory turned and continues the
making of automobiles and adds to the supply that can be sold in

If there are not enough local governments for 25 billion dollars then
institute a national auto lottery that you could win a voucher for a
price range of a make and a style. Charge a buck for a ticket and
have drawings everyday. The winner takes the voucher to the dealer and
pays a prep and process charge and gets a new car.

Rod Cleveland
Cleveland County Commissioner
Norman, OK

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