Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pistol Pete Maravich & Sooner Hoops

Throughout my life I have had the good fortune to witness many basketball legends. Growing up in South Oklahoma City I used to watch Abe Lemons's OCU Chiefs run and gun game back in the 60s. The highlight of every year was attending the All-College Basketball Tournament that used to be held at the State Fairgrounds and was later moved to the Myriad and then to the Ford Center. After getting married I would drag Barbara to the All College games.

I remember watching Pistol Pete Maravich play numerous times when he played for LSU. And I remember being awed by Pistol Pete's moves. I had never before seen a guy dribble the ball behind his back or pass the ball between his legs. He hit 61 points one night during the All College. I fell in love with basketball and even Barbara from that time on was ready to watch a basketball game any time.

In 1988 Pete was invited back to the All College Tournament to be honored. Before the game and the award ceremony I bought Pistol Pete's book. After he received his award at half time I climed over the ramp and got down on the floor and asked if he would sign the book. He was very polite and even took some time to talk about basketball with me. A week later he died at the age of 40 of a heart attack.

Watching Stephen Curry of Davidson University last night brought back all those great memories. Curry is quick just like the Pistol. He hit a career high 44 points last night with a hand in his face the complete game. Stephen Curry is the best shooter I have seen come around since Pistol Pete Maravich. What a fun game last night. The Griffen brothers and Willie Warren will no doubt take OU to the Big Dance this year. OU has a great coach and great team that is fun to cheer for.


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