Thursday, November 20, 2008

Oklahoma Bar Wants To Discriminate

Oklahoma Bar trying to help the Homosexual agenda. The public needs to know what the Bar is up to. If you have been a Boy Scout leader or belong to Promise Keepers and if the Bar has it's way you could not qualify to be a Judge. The Bar wants to discriminate and this is just flat wrong!!!

Oklahoma Bar Association to make recommendations that will affect Oklahoma Judicial Candidates

Who is behind this move?

OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma Bar Association Board of Governors will discuss in their Committee language that will determine if people who are members of groups that discriminate against people because of sexual preference will be eligible to become judges.

Since most major religious denominations oppose homosexual practices, these church membership is specifically exempted, but not religious auxiliary organizations such as Promise Keepers or Knights of Columbus.

It is not difficult to imagine that the judicial candidates would no longer be able to participate in Boy Scouts which does not allow admitted homosexuals to be adult leaders or military support organizations since the US Military still bars openly homosexuals from serving in the military.

The concern of many people in the state is that overly broad language that could keep someone from being a judge would cause many attorneys to withdrawal from civic organizations in order to have the potential of being a judge in the future. This would be bad for two reasons:

1) It would hurt Oklahoma by taking away great leaders from civic organizations

2) Further serve to isolate the judiciary from the general public

While the Bar Association could make the rules very specific by saying “judicial candidates cannot be members of known hate groups” or even better, just allowing people to know what groups the judicial candidates belong to, would give the voters the right to make decisions as to who should be on the bench, not obscure committees who could deny Oklahomans from having access to a greater pool of potential jurists.

The question remains – who is behind this proposed rule and what is the bigger agenda? National homosexual advocacy groups have been leading boycotts and other pressure tactics on the Boy Scouts of America to force the private organization to allow homosexuals to become adult leaders in despite the expressed wishes of parents and participants in scouts that the ban should continue.

Is this just the latest attempt for a vocal minority to inflict its will on the majority?

The wording of the proposed amendment:

RULE 3.6

Affiliation with Discriminatory Organizations (A) A judge shall not hold membership in any organization that practices

invidious discrimination on the basis of race, sex, gender, religion, national origin, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.

[2] An organization is generally said to discriminate invidiously if it arbitrarily excludes from membership on the basis

of race, sex, gender, religion, national origin, ethnicity, or sexual orientation persons who would otherwise be

eligible for admission. Whether an organization practices invidious discrimination is a complex question to

which judges should be attentive. The answer cannot be determined from a mere examination of an organization’s

current membership rolls, but rather, depends upon how the organization selects members, as well as other

relevant factors, such as whether the organization is dedicated to the preservation of religious, ethnic, or cultural values of legitimate common interest to its members, or whether it is an intimate, purely private organization whose membership limitations could not constitutionally be prohibited.

[3] When a judge learns that an organization to which the judge belongs engages in invidious discrimination, the

judge must resign immediately from the organization.

[4] A judge’s membership in a religious organization as a lawful exercise of the freedom of religion is not a violation of

this Rule.

[5] This Rule does not apply to national or state military service.

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