Thursday, November 27, 2008

Bullet Serialization

Update on Bullet Serialization
During the past week the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) -- the trade association for the firearms and ammunition industry -- has received inquires concerning state legislation that would require the serialization of ammunition on a mass production basis.
Bullet serialization -- the process by which each individual round of ammunition is identified and marked with a laser engraved serial number -- is not feasible from a practical standpoint and any legislation mandating such action could rightfully be considered a de facto ban on ammunition.
While legislation has been introduced in more than 20 states, NSSF has successfully defeated all of these bills. NSSF will continue to closely monitor state or federal legislation to require bullet serialization and will continue to issue Legislative Alerts to industry members and Second Amendment advocates in those states when bills are introduced or scheduled for a hearing or vote.
Demonstrating the effectiveness of the NSSF Legislative Alert system, several bullet serialization bill sponsors withdrew their bills immediately following public outcry stemming from the NSSF alerts -- in the case of Kentucky, this was within 48 hours of the bill's introduction.

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Cleveland County GOP Volunteer Blog said...

this 2007 report by the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) details their recommendation that state and local governments mandate that a ballistic fingerprint be recorded for every gun sold.

From the IACP's list of reccommendations;
**12. State and local governments should mandate that a ballistic fingerprint is recorded for every gun sold**

Cleveland County Sheriff Elect Lester has been an active member of the IACP and in fact was a member of the Community Policing Committee.

This program, C.O.P.S. (community oriented policing service)will find new life in the Obama administration. The IACP also reccommends it be law that gun owners have to keep their weapons stored/locked in compliance with standards decided by the government or be prosecuted.

Read reccommendation 14.
**14. State, local and tribal governments should mandate safe storage of guns, provide voluntary off-site
storage facilities, and prosecute those who fail to comply with safe storage laws.**

also, you might find this interesting.
**9. Congress, as well as state, local and tribal governments, should enact laws requiring that all gun sales
and transfers proceed through a Federal Firearms License (FFL), thus ensuring that a mandatory background
check will be conducted on the transferee.**

or this;

**10. State and/or local governments should license all gun dealers.**

My reccommendation is that you read the entire document and keep an eye on the one who was elected, in trust to see to it that our legal and natural rights are upheld.