Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Obama's Birth Certificate And Letter To Washington

Below is a letter that one of Oklahoma's Elector's sent to our US Senator and Congressman. Obama and his birth certificate issue is not going away.

Your Letter to Congress
Virginia, thanks for taking action on behalf of The People's Voice. Your emails are on the way to Capitol Hill.
An individual copy of your letter will be sent to each official:

November 25, 2008

Dear Representative Sullivan,
Dear Senator Coburn,
Dear Senator Inhofe,


Fellow Patriots, The Constitution's 20th amendment calls out this interim period following November 4th as the proper time to vet any questions about the candidate's qualifications.

Questions about qualifications as to being Natural Born and 35 years of age are not about policies nor politics, they are fundamental. It cannot be overlooked by reason of popularity or special dispensation. It goes to the root of rule by law and cuts to a core demand laid down by our founding fathers and is enshrined in statutes that set the standard; the minimum standard that must be met to hold the office of President.

Numerous lawsuits have been filed to force Mr. Obama to release public access to his certified birth, immigration and passport records but to date he has managed to keep them sealed from public view.

This is no trivial matter as the civil transfer of power and even the subordinate position of the military depends on the presumption of legitimacy. We cannot leave this cloud of illegitimacy hanging over the Presidency.

This issue has not been answered and no court has yet reviewed the merits of the arguments; only the "legal standing" of the individuals asking. However, we the electors and the candidates, do have "standing". No Patriot, Democrat, Republican or Independent can turn a blind eye to the constitution.

For the sake of the validity of the new Presidency, we Electors demand that Congress and the Senate conduct an open, transparent, bipartisan investigation whose results would be available prior to the casting of Electoral Ballots in December and be also be publicly available to answer any possible challenge as the 20th amendment allows on January 6th.

We implore all members of Congress to set aside partisan feelings and hold up the constitution as the supreme law of the land and to vet the credentials of any and all candidates and to do so plainly and with due diligence.

We the people and specifically - we the constitutionally prescribed electors - have a right to this. Realistically, it is not difficult for congress to access any birth, immigration, passport or adoption record. They need only subpoena these records and lay the cards on the table.

We the people ask no more. We the electors demand no less!


Mrs. Virginia Chrisco
8217 East 56th Place
Tulsa, OK 74145

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