Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Democrat House Member Caught Stealing

Now lets see, a few weeks ago Ivan Holmes chair of the State Democrat Party, holds press conference. At his press conference he claims Republicans are stealing Democrat signs. What a hypocrite Ivan Holmes is. Just another example as to the kind of people Democrats are!

State Representative Accused of Stealing Campaign Signs

"He's a liar," claims Rep. Al Lindley of his accuser.
By Jerry Bohnen
Tuesday, November 4, 2008

In the pre-dawn darkness on election day, Oklahoma City State Representative Al Lindley, term-limited but still in the State House, was seen stealing signs of a Republican candidate and replacing them with a Democratic candidate's signs, according to one south Oklahoma City resident. Contacted today, Lindley adamently denied it, proclaiming, 'He's a liar--he's lying."
Jay Means, a school vice principal says it was around 5:30 am when he spotted Lindley removing the campaign signs of GOP candidate Mike Christian along a city street and replacing them with signs of Democratic candidate David Castillo. The two are running to succeed Lindley in the State House.
Means said he saw Lindley was driving his car with the tag H-93 which represents he is a member of the state house. "I confronted Mr. Lindley and told him I would be reporting his actions to the police." Means said he waved down a police officer around the block. "I flagged down Sergeant Don Evans of the Will Rogers K-9 unit and he gave me a case number and this will be investigated."
Lindley continued to profess that Means is lying. "I'm willing to sit down with anybody and take a polygraph exam. He's a liar. He must have confused me with someone else." The southside Representative maintained he had people with him at all times since meeting them for breakfast at 4am. But he admitted that Means talked with him in the early-morning hours.

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