Friday, November 7, 2008

Why Dana Murphy Won

Dana was out spent 4-1, out lied about 10-0 and beats the corrupt, Jim Roth, Tuesday. What do you do when you are running against the most corrupt, egotistical, arrogant politician in the history of Oklahoma? What do you do when gay groups, from all over the country, are pouring money into your opponent’s campaign, along with some of the wealthiest individuals in Oklahoma? You do exactly what Dana Murphy did in her race for Corporation Commission. You stick to your plan from the beginning. Dana did not return evil for evil she simply talked about how qualified she was to be the next commissioner. Even after Roth said awful things about her and treated her like crap, during the debates, she stayed focused. Dana did not even bring up Roth’s ties to the homosexual agenda that is taking place across the country.

So now just what did Dana do? First of all, Dana had an unbelievable amount of grassroots support. Second, she got out and worked. One day I talked to Dana and she was in the panhandle later that same day she was in southwestern Oklahoma. I have no idea how many miles she put on her truck but I bet she put on more than 10,000 miles during the campaign.

Everyone was impressed with Dana’s knowledge of the Corporation Commission, everywhere she went. She talked to Co-ops all across Oklahoma that normally voted Democrat, supported Dana because of her knowledge.

Several times when I talked to Dana I asked her to defend herself against Roth’s charges and I also stated you need to define him and let people know just how dishonest he his. Dana said that she has a plan and she is sticking to it. I complained that you are going to get beat if you let that jerk say and treat you like you have been doing, Dana would respond, “if I get beat, so be it, but I have put my faith in God and I am not going to go negative and return evil for evil that is just not the Christian way.” I said, “holy crap Dana, you are going to lose.” Dana stated that I did not have enough faith in her. I believe I made her mad.

Dana proved that you do not have to go negative to win an election. Congratulations to Dana, you did one heck of a job and deserves to be our next Corporation Commissioner.


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