Monday, December 22, 2008

Electoral College Members Outraged!

I will jump in here now.

It was my understanding that the Secretary of State (Susan Savage) was responsible for the proceedings, etc. Her letter said proceedings were to start at 2:00PM. I glanced at the wall clock when she entered the room. It was between 15 and 20 after 2:00PM.

So the Governor must have arrived after 2:30PM. Common courtesy would call for her and the Governor to at least be in attendance at 2:00PM sharp. When they did appear, neither uttered any apology for being late in arriving.

One of the first things our Mommies taught us - have good manners, be polite, and apologize if you keep someone waiting.

The two short sentences he spoke before turning over the proceedings to his aide only further demonstrated his lack of respect.

He never welcomed the Electors (or their guests in attendance) to the State Capitol. Looking back, I believe the Secretary of State and the Governor showed deliberate disrespect to the Electors, individually, and to the purpose for our meeting.

I do not believe any of us could have spoken up and done anything different. I believe by law, the proceedings were to be conducted and led by the Governor and Secretary of State. This was their show!

About the only good thing about the day was personally visiting with the Electors I had not previously met. Gail, Diana, Pete. I agree with Bobby, the entire ceremony (what ceremony?) sucked! On December 15th we were all thrown under the bus!

I have not received my mileage check yet. But I want round trip mileage and tolls and if I do not receive, I will speak up.
Member of Oklahoma Electoral College

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