Friday, December 26, 2008

Open Letter To Our State Party Leadership

RNC Chair.
We need change starting at the top. It's time to replace Chairman Duncan.We need strong leadership that opposes same-sex marriage and abortion. We need leadership that opposes bailouts, supports lower taxes and a smaller government. The Republican Party does not need to move to the left. We do not need to run away from Ronald Reagan. The voter should be able to tell the difference between the Democrat and the Republican Party when it comes to spending. I, for one, am sick and tired of hearing the voters say, "why should I even go vote, you can't tell the difference between the Republicans and the Democrats? They both spend money like a bunch of drunken sailors"

One of the many mistakes John McCain made, while running for President, was voting for the bailout just like the Democrats. Instead of seizing an opportunity to demonstrate fiscal responsibility, John McCain joined the Democrats and many Republicans in the biggest government giveaway in our country’s history! The Republican Party needs to get back to basics. We need leadership that is interested in changing the Republican Party by promoting the Republican platform, from the bottom up not from the top down. The Republican Party needs common sense leadership, someone that understands how important the Internet is. The technology is changing and we need to be out front, not playing catch up.

The grassroots activists need to take this party over and stop the RNC from telling us what to think. We need leadership that is willing to listen. The RNC should be listening, and in my opinion, they have lost track of their responsibility. We need a strong leadership team, stop the old farts and get back to what the Republican Party stands far. The Republican Party needs to get back to supporting strong national defense, family values, and promoting lower taxes and opposing and runaway spending. Those four things can make the difference. We need leadership that will walk the walk and understands that BS will no longer work.

The Republican activists want action not words!The Republican Party is right; it's our leadership that is wrong. I ask our National Committeeman, Committeewoman and our State Chairman to vote for leadership that has strong Christian values, someone that believes that the Republican Party does not need to change, but leadership that will change. The last thing we need is someone that approves of abortion, that supports same-sex marriage, and that supports the bailouts. We need someone that will stay true to our conservative Republican values! We need leadership that will articulate this message to all Americans, including African Americans, Hispanics and other growing minorities to once again make the Republican Party the majority party.Bob
Below is copy of an email I received:
Your letter to the RNC comparing Congress' spending with drunken sailors insults drunken sailors. Joe


Carolyn McLarty, DVM said...

You bet, Bob. I'll be happy to send on your thoughts to other RNC members. I think you reflect the thinking of the majority of grassroots Republicans.
Our message must be clear and concise and truly reflect our social and fiscal conservative values as well as a strong national defense.
We must have a leader who has these core values and who can speak boldly to these issues.
It is time to rebuild, revise and restructure the organization but not to change the basic principles on which we will succeed if we stand true.
God bless,

Steve Fair is a political activist. said...


Excellent letter! I agree that what the next RNC Chair must be is a TRUE conservative and one that understands the importance of a ground game. We lost races in 2008because of the lack of arms/legs on the street. Mass media and new communication is important, but ultimately races are won by engaging the voter. Duncan and a number of those vying to replace him have no clue on the importance of knocking doors, distributing literature, making phone calls and building the local county party organizations. They have pandered to the "big money" and are obligated to every special interest known to man.

I will be watching with interest the direction the RNC takes with the election of a new Chair.