Monday, January 5, 2009

Loveless Fined

WASHINGTON — The Federal Election Commission has closed its lengthy investigation of former U.S. Rep. Ernest Istook’s last re-election campaign. Officials disclosed that a civil penalty of $14,600 was levied for various violations.

The FEC staff conducted an audit two years ago of Istook’s 2003-04 campaign. It found improper contributions from corporations, donations exceeding the legal limit, a failure to report some last-minute contributions and campaign money used on personal items, including tickets to football games and Broadway shows.
The commission reviewed audit findings and decided on the $14,600 fine. Documents released last week show the commission allowed $12,000 to be paid from remaining campaign funds.
Personal paymentsIstook, a Republican who now works for a Washington think tank, was required to pay $1,800 from his personal funds.
Istook’s former campaign manager, Kyle Loveless, was required to pay $800 from his personal funds. Loveless, of Oklahoma City, was also required to reimburse the campaign committee $2,153 for money he used on personal expenses.
Commission documents show all the fines have been paid.
Istook ran unsuccessfully for governor in 2006.

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