Monday, January 5, 2009

Sheriff Lester Makes Changes

Rhett Burnett gets new position under Sheriff Joe Lester. Lister makes several new changes as the County Sheriff.

Pictured above is Cleveland County's new Under sheriff Rhett Burnett being sworn in by Judge Hetherington last Friday January 2. Rhett is considered by many in law enforcement as one of the top investigators in the state. A great pick by Lester.


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BossHawg said...

OK so Lester hired Burnett. But I hear that the new Sheriff's axe blade is dull from chopping so many heads. Bob, can you tell us how many people got a pink slip?
I ask not because I'm being critical of Sheriff Lester, but because we need to make some changes down here in Hazzard County and I'm hoping that I can hire some of the folks who lost their jobs in Cleveland County.