Saturday, January 10, 2009

RNC Needs Strong New Leadershop

The Republican National Committee will soon be picking a new chairman. Normally
the President selects the RNC Chairman and the RNC members merely approve the
decision. But because John McCain lost, the RNC will select the next RNC
Chairman January 30th in Washington D.C.

The RNC is composed of 3 members -- the state chairman, a national
committeeman, and a national committeewoman -- from all fifty states plus
Washington DC,
Puerto Rico, American Samoa, US Virgin Islands, Northern Marianas, and Guam. In
addition to a new chariman, the RNC will be voting on a resolution critical of
the bailout.

Six candidates are seeking the job, including:
1.Mike Duncan current Chairman
2.Ken Blackwell, former Ohio Secretary of State.
3.Chip Saltsman, (Mike Huckabee's campaign manager)
4.Michael Steele, former Lt. Governor of Maryland
5.Saul Anuzis, State Chairman from Michigan
6.Katon Dawson, State Chairman from South Carolina.

Morton Blackwell, a long-time national committeeman from Virginia and someone who has inspired and mobilized two generations of grassroots Conservative activists through his Leadership Institute, put together a list of 37 characteristically thoughtful questions for the candidates and received thoughtful answers in reply

I have read all pages of the response to Morton Blackwell's questionnaire. Two
candidates that really stand out head and shoulders above everyone else are
former Lt. Governor of Maryland and Fox News contributor Michael Steele and
former Ohio Scretary of State Ken Blackwell. I have always like Michael Steele.
I guess you could say he was my favorite from the beginning. However, after
reviewing Ken Blackwell's answers and doing some research, Blackwell is now my
choice. Blackwell has held several elected offices including State Treasurer
and Secretary of State of Ohio. Below is why I am supporting Ken Blackwell for
our next RNC Chairman. I believe Ken Blackwell matches up the best with
Oklahoma's conservative values.

Here is a short list of Ken Blackwell supporters and where he stands on
important issues facing our country.
2. Eagle Forum
3. Club for Growth
4. James Dobson
5. NRA
7. Family Policy Council
8. Opposes same sex marriage.
9. Opposes abortion.
10. Opposes the bailouts.
11. Also Ken Blackwell took on Acorn in his home state of Ohio and kicked butt.

I believe Ken Blackwell best represents the values of Oklahoma conservatives.
Blackwell also believes the RNC needs to focus bottom up, not top down.
Blackwell believes that the Republican Party is not the problem, rather it's
the party leadership.

My second choice is Michael Steele; either of these gentlemen will give us the
leadership we need and deserve.

State Chairman Gary Jones is on Ken Blackwell's leadership team and endorsed
Ken Blackwell from the beginning.

I now am requesting that National Committeeman James Dunn, and National
Committeewoman Carolyn McLarty share their thoughts with the grassroots
conservative all over Oklahoma. Who do you support?


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