Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Angiers Dirty Tricks

This picture was on
Bold head lines "Dirty Tricks"

Angier is allegedly photographing every Democrat candidate filing for office for the benefit of the Republican Party. The article goes on and talks about Angiers working for Randy Terrill.
What this Democrat does not know is that Angiers, is filming Republicans as well. The Republican Party wants noting to do with Angiers.


Anonymous said...

I heard about this from several people in Cleveland County and in OKC. People we're really sick of him. Apparently, he has an awful reputation in CC as well. It's unfortunate people like that do this kind of stuff. It's part of the reason good people don't want to run for office.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that guy sounds like a pathetic loser! A friend of mine filed to run for office and did not know who that guy was or why he was filming people. I wouldn't be surprised if he was filming gross stuff too.

Jenn Sierra said...

Why would any serious political candidate mind being videotaped filing for office?

Hint: When you see someone filming a public event like that, another way to handle the situation is to go over to him, smile, and say, "Hi, my name is (insert name), and I'm running as the (insert party) candidate for (insert office). I'd like your vote on (insert date), and here's why...."

It's called "free publicity." If you don't like it, you really shouldn't be running for "public" office.

Barrett Coldyron said...

Yes, Jenn, that would make sense if you knew who the person was and if that person hadn't been intimidating other candidates. You don't walk up to a bully a begin your stump speech. That's just dumb.

BossHawg said...

Here's a better question, Why would any serious video taper mind first asking permission to videotape a political candidate filing for office?

Could it be that Mr. A is more paparazzi than politico?

Jethro said...

Rumor in Cleveland County is that a lot of Republicans, not only in Cleveland County, but statewide, are out to defeat John Angier's boss, Randy Terrill.

Gennifer said...

I also heard the attorneys across the state are out to oust Terrill.