Saturday, June 14, 2008

Texas State Convention

Hard to believe that 1% of the Southern Baptist Pastors will vote for Obama. 15% are still undecided according to the Baptist Messenger. I wonder if Shawnee Southern Baptist Church (Henry's Church)is included in the 1%.
The lessor of two evils is better than the evil. Remember the President will get several Supreme Court appointments, that will determine our future for years. Bob

Below article are comments from the Texas State Convention.

Texas State Convention
We’re going to support McCain,” he said with a distinct lack of enthusiasm. “He may not have been all of our first choice, but he is our choice.”
Evangelicals have been indispensable to Republican presidential candidates since Ronald Reagan in 1980 and were key to George W. Bush’s White House wins.
Some analysts say Mr. McCain has made a political calculation to give up some support on the religious right to broaden his appeal to more centrist voters. Still, if Christian conservatives don’t actively work for Mr. McCain in their churches and neighborhoods, he could have trouble winning in the fall.
“Obviously, the base of the party is not really excited about John McCain,” said Tim Lambert of Lubbock, who heads the state’s largest home-school organization. “I think he’s not reaching out to the base, not reaching out to the evangelicals. Bob Dole made that mistake in 1996.”
This week’s state GOP convention underscored how much work Mr. McCain needs to do if he hopes to rally Christian conservatives. Many delegates explained their support for Mr. McCain in terms of their opposition to Barack Obama.
This week, some Southern Baptists have questioned the McCain campaign’s absence at the group’s annual meeting. Four years ago, the Bush-Cheney re-election campaign hosted a reception at the event.
Perhaps the nation’s most influential Christian right personality, James Dobson, has served notice he won’t vote for Mr. McCain.

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