Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ron Paul Not The Answer

I agree that Ron Paul sounds good. Hopefully all conservatives agree that the Republican Party needs to veer back and stay true to it's traditions and remain a limited government party.
It is the messenger not message that is the problem with Ron Paul. How can you support someone for President, that tells your followers to lie! Sorry Ron Paul supporters, but Ron Paul sounds like a nut, every time I watched him on TV. If you get someone with a winning personality and with the same talking points you might have a legit Presidential candidate. If the Paulies were not so militant, Ron Paul might have resonated. Bob

Candidate Paul Is Gone, But Not Really
By Marie Horrigan, CQ Staff

Texas Rep. Ron Paul has officially called off his quest for the Republican presidential nomination, more than two months after John McCain secured enough delegates to clinch the nomination. But with frequent events scheduled in the next two months, Paul apparently has no intention of giving up his libertarian fight.
“What I see happening now is hardly the end of anything. I think this is the beginning of something really, really big that’s going on in this country,” Paul told supporters Thursday night when he announced his withdrawal.
Benton said that while the event would be an opportunity to remind Republicans that there is a large contingent of people interested in moving the party back “to its roots.”
“The Republican Party needs to veer back and stay true to its traditions and remain a limited government party and maybe even become a limited government party once again,” he said.
Meanwhile, Paul supporters are also planning on holding an alternate state convention for Nevada Republicans. The state party recessed its April 26 convention without certifying delegates for Paul and McCain after a procedural move by Paul supporters and Republican activists stalled progress on selecting delegates.
Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney won the Nevada caucus with 53 percent of the vote; McCain and Paul tied with 13 percent each.
The delegates to the state convention will reconvene at a party-sanctioned event in Reno on July 26 to complete the process, but Paul supporters plan to meet nearly a month earlier — June 28 — at the Reno Grand Sierra to try to do so. The state party has said the Republican National Committee will not recognize any selections made at the June 28 meeting.


Anonymous said...

I must have missed it when Ron Paul directed his supporters to lie. I never got that memo. Honesty is a central tenent for me and I would not support a liar. Please, do not defame this good man.

You have every right to disagree with him, you have a right to your opinion but to say he directed supporters to lie is a statement that must be backed with fact or else it is nothing more than Libel.

You know, Ron Paul will never see your statements. Does it escape you that more than likely the only people that will read this are his supporters and the GOP membership locally?

I really like you, Bob. You are a very likable person, in person, but I have noticed what seems to be a most un-welcoming tinge some of your commentary. I want to know if this is intentional.

Naturally, as an admirer of Ron Paul, I bristle at the statement that he told his supporters to lie. That seems to imply that his supporters are liars.

I say something now in order to gaurd against a loss of goodwill-I don't want that at all and I hope you take my comments in the spirit they are intended.


bob said...

Kaye, thanks for your comment. I appreciate your interest and opinion. I call them like I see them. I realize that if I am going to be critical of someone, I too had better be big enough to take criticism as well. I understand you like Ron Paul and that’s ok. You and I can have different opinions and still be friends. I did not make up the part about “lie if you have to”. I have received copies of several emails and viewed Ron Paul blogs and Ron Paul meet up groups that went out to the Ron Paul supporters. The email said for Ron Paul people to get involved in the Republican Party. Call your State Chairman and tell him you want to get involved. Do not mention Ron Paul’s name, run for delegate to the National Convention, do not say anything about Ron Paul, lie if you have to, and say you will vote for McCain and then when you get to the convention vote for Ron Paul. Do I believe everybody that supports Ron Paul is a liar, absolutely not? Again thnks for your comments.