Thursday, July 31, 2008

Aaron Stiles A Winner

Aaron Stiles did the unthinkable by winning HD 45 race without a run off.
Just a few days, prior to the election, the Transcript did a very negative
article about Aaron. The article was full of innuendos and after the article
a lot of people counted Aaron out of the race.

Aaron and his campaign manager, Joe Fairbanks, did not let the negative
articles interfere with his campaign strategy. Aaron's message of a
Conservative voice for HD 45, just kept on trucking.

I have never seen a candidate with so many grassroots volunteers work so
diligently. Aaron was out spent substantially yet his door to door knocking
never stopped.

It's time for everyone to resonate around Aaron and help him become the next
HD 45 State Representative.

Wallace Collins did not get one bill passed during the last legislative
session. Wallace Collins did not even support a bill that he campaigned on
the "grocery tax". It is time for Collins to go!


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