Thursday, July 31, 2008

Senate District Race 45

Senate District race 45 shaping up.

Senate District 45 goes to runoff
Rumor has it that Melinda Daugherty, Marty Gormley and Jerry Foshee will announce that they will be endorsing Col. Russell in the runoff.

The race for Senate District 45 is going to a runoff. Lt. Colonel Steve Russell received the most votes last Tuesday and Kyle Loveless was a distance second. Now the race will be decided in a runoff. No Democrat filed for the seat.

Kyle Loveless has been running for the past two years and was an early favorite in the race. Loveless was the former Chairman of the Cleveland County Republican Party and his two year term as chairman was filled with many problems. He has also made headlines for federal campaign finance violations that occurred when he worked as campaign manager for Ernest Istook.

Lt. Colonel Russell actually got into the race late. He is well known around the country due to his distinguished military career, which included taking part in the capture of Saddam Hussein. Russell also founded the organization "Vets for Victory." His message caught on quickly and he kept gaining momentum. Poll numbers being tossed around the district had Russell finishing in third place behind Jerry Foshee. Of course, all the polls had Kyle finishing first. When the night was over, Russell received 41% of the votes, while Loveless was a distant second with 27% of the votes.

Pick your candidate and vote on Tuesday, August 26.


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