Friday, August 1, 2008

Erroneous Information: Will They Now Apologize?

Erroneous information about another Republican candidate, whether intentional or negligent, can be equally damaging. Many good people eschew politics because they treasure their good names. Recently two women have sent out emails that are my case in point and serves as another exchange why many good candidates for public office decline.

A simple inquiry concerning the “Duties of the County Clerk” would have avoided spreading false, malicious and unprivileged publications. To imply an elected official is not following the law is a very serious charge. Also, to claim that Tammy Howard has zero experience in the clerk’s office is another baseless charge. A simple call to the County Court House confirming the number of years Tammy Howard, has worked in the clerk’s office. Tammy also has been our Clerk for the past year. That alone is called experience.

Rather than trying to hurt one candidate with lies, why not try to build up the candidate you are supporting. In the future, be responsible advocates for your Republican candidates. And these ladies owe an apology to Tammy Howard for the ruthlessness and baseless charges. In realty, when you have to lie about one candidate, how is one to know that you are not lying about the candidate you are supporting?

Unfortunately in Cleveland County, we have a couple of people that are only happy if they are making slanderous charges against another Republican. This has been going on for years and now is a good time to stop it. People know who these people are and will know longer pay any attention to undocumented charges. Let’s work together and help all Republicans. It is important that we vote and it is also important that we know the truth about our candidates. I hope these individuals will stop trying to hurt the Republican Party. We will now start a run-off for our Republican candidates so please let’s all vote for the candidate of our choice without making false and malicious comments about a candidate we personally dislike. Lets get united, as one party.


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BossHawg said...

Bob: Do you really think the same Cleveland County Republicans who have made a habit of working against fellow Republicans are actaully going to apologize? You better wait until hell freezes over!