Thursday, July 31, 2008

Murphy A Watchdog For All Oklahomans


Republican Corporation Commission Candidate Dana
Murphy defeated opponent Rob Johnson today in the Republican Primary,
setting her to face Democrat Jim Roth in the General Election in November.

"Everywhere I go Oklahomans have told me that they are tired of politics
as usual. They want elected officials who have experience and are highly
qualified, not career politicians looking for the next rung in the
political ladder," said Murphy. "I've given a consistent message to all
Oklahomans. I have the energy to get the job done, experience to do the job
right, and a commitment to excellence?not because it should be done, but
because it CAN be done."

Murphy credits her win to a strong grassroots effort in both rural and
urban Oklahoma, along with hard-working fundraising efforts and travel all
across Oklahoma.

"Experienced, honest, visionary leadership is a must if we are to grow our
state in reaching its energy potential. As a geologist, oil and gas
attorney and former OCC Administrative Law Judge, I am ready to step up and
help lead the charge to make Oklahoma an energy innovator in the U.S. and
the world," said Murphy.

"Oklahomans need to know that I am someone who will be a watchdog to
everyday Oklahomans and can be trusted to make independent decisions which
are fair and in the best interests of Oklahomans; someone who understands
both rural and urban areas and the impact of energy on both family and
business budgets and ways of life."

"With energy costs spiraling to all-time highs, we must develop Oklahoma
resources in new and different ways to provide today and tomorrow's
affordable power. Oil and gas will always be important, but we must advance
the use of wind, hydro, bio-fuels, solar and other evolving fuel sources in
Oklahoma. Keeping Oklahomans' utility rates affordable and reliable will
always be important to me."

Murphy worked as a geologist for over ten years, and even gave expert
geological testimony at the Corporation Commission. She earned her law
degree while working as a geologist during the day and attending law school
at night, and is now an energy attorney owning and operating her own legal
practice in Edmond. She also served as a Corporation Commission
Administrative Law Judge for nearly six years hearing over 5,000 cases. For
more information about Murphy, please visit her Web site at or call her office at 405-607-6677.

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