Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Democrat Senate Candidate Caught

Now that Judge Robert Murphy has returned $650 to a lawyer who sits on the Judicial Nominating Commission, isn't it time for him to avoid further conflicts and return the $5000 he received from the Working Oklahomans Alliance?

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Candidate Returns Loftis Check After GOP Pressure Applied

OKLAHOMA CITY – Only after having a contribution from a member of the Oklahoma Judicial Nominating Commission revealed by a Republican Senator, Senate Candidate Robert Murphy of Stillwater has returned $650 to a Norman attorney. Now Republicans want to know when Murphy will acknowledge the receipt of a $5000 contribution from the Working Oklahomans Alliance.

As reported in the Sunday Oklahoman on August 3, Murphy and other Democrat candidates were recipients of maximum contributions from an organization formed and managed by worker’s compensation attorneys. The monies for the PAC were obtained largely from the proceeds of worker’s compensation claims without the knowledge or permission of the recipients. (http://newsok.com/how-state-comp-funds-end-up-in-campaigns/article/3278216)

The Working Oklahomans Alliance reports donating $5000 to Senate District 21 Democrat nominee Robert Murphy, yet Murphy insists he “can’t locate” the contribution, according to a follow-up story in The Oklahoman.

“The Judge says because he can’t locate the check, it’s a ‘moot point,’” said Swanson. “It’s not moot. In fact, it’s time for the Judge to come clean about the contribution, then do the right thing and turn the money over to charity,” said Randy Swanson, Executive Director of the Oklahoma Republican Senatorial Committee. “To return the cash to the Working Oklahomans Alliance would do no good for the aggrieved worker’s comp claimants.

“We suggest that Murphy feed a few hungry Oklahomans by donating this cache of cash to the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma City, an organization that serves hungry Oklahomans throughout the state, including feeding centers in Senate District 21,” Swanson suggested.

“This is only just, as Oklahomans from across the state unknowingly and unwillingly contributed to Murphy’s campaign,” he added.

Given that Murphy has applied for his old job as a District Judge pending the results of the November 4 election, any appearance of accepting financial help from attorneys or attorney-led organizations should be avoided, as these lawyers may well be trying cases before him, should the Judicial Nominating Commission and Governor Henry reappoint him, as is the suspicion through out the legal and political communities.

“The clock is running,” Swanson said. “The contribution was made on July 3 – forty days ago. We’re waiting to see how long it takes Judge Murphy to track down that elusive check and do the right thing. We’ll be watching,” Swanson concluded.

A count-up clock is marking time on www.oksenategop.com. The clock will stop when Murphy donates the contribution to the Regional Food Bank or an appropriate charity.

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