Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Democrats Want To Tax The Wind

This is really hard to believe. People wonder why I am a Republican.

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But Tax the Wind? Lerblance Suggests the Possibility

OKLAHOMA CITY – Just when you think there’s nothing else on which liberal Oklahoma leaders can impose a tax, we now hear of State Senator Richard Lerblance, D-McAlester, suggesting a tax on wind power.

Lerblance was quoted in the Aug 11, 2008 edition of the Tulsa World suggesting a tax on alternative energy sources as an antidote to the perceived budget shortfalls.

“Typical liberal solution,” said Randy Swanson, Executive Director of the Oklahoma Republican Senatorial Committee. “Rather than suggesting less waste or letting Oklahomans keep more of their hard-earned dollars, Richard Lerblance suggests we tax perhaps the most plentiful of Oklahoma’s natural resources – wind.”

According to theTulsa World, Lerblance noted the Legislature was ‘strapped for money’ when drawing up the FY 2009 budget, and suggested the previously unthinkable solution of taxing the wind that comes sweepin’ down the plain.

"Nobody wants to raise taxes," Lerblance observed. "But maybe we will have to tax wind power, or ethanol, switch grass, these other sources of energy."

“Hold on to your wallets, Oklahoma,” Swanson continued. “Now we have a senior incumbent Senator suggesting we tax wind and grass – two of our most plentiful resources.

“Who’s going to pay? You.” Swanson continued. “This just affirms the old criticism of liberal Democrat tax policy – that if it moves – tax it. And nothing moves like the Oklahoma wind.

“This could make for an awkward moment in McAlester on Wednesday, when Governor Henry introduces Boone Pickens at a town hall meeting to promote Pickens’ wind energy initiative,” he continued.

“Who gets to be the one to tell Mr. Pickens that the local State Senator wants to tax Oklahoma’s wind?” Swanson asked.

Swanson said Lerblance’s suggestion reminded him of a 1974 Top Forty hit from The Hollies.

“I can see his Greatest Hits album now,” said Swanson. “Who could forget this all-time favorite from Dick Lerblance – ‘Sometimes…All I Need is the Air That You Breathe Just to Tax You.’

“Richard Lerblance and the liberal Democrats ideas are as current and innovative as a 1974 oldie,” Swanson concluded.

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