Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kyle Loveless

Kyle Loveless has owed the Cleveland County Republican Party $1500.00 for almost two years. The $1500.00 is due to Kyle’s poor management of the Cleveland County Republican Party’s funds. Our County Party Chairman Roger Warren has requested numerous times for Kyle to repay his debt, via letters and phone calls. Kyle has agreed to pay the $1500 several times over the years; however he has never repaid the County Party.

Friday, August 8th, at the GOP open house, Kyle’s wife Summer gave Chairman Warren a check for $1500.00 and stated “the check is what Kyle owes the party”. The check was folded and Chairman Warren did not actually look at the check, at that time. Later he noticed the check was postdated for August 27th. The 27th is the day after the run off election for Senate District 45. The check is from Phoenix Consulting LLC even though Phoenix Consulting does not owe the Cleveland County Party any money.

Chairman Warren has returned the check to Kyle and requested immediate payment and a personal check from Kyle.

The question is why would Kyle give Chairman Warren a postdated check that could not be cashed until the day after the election? Why would Kyle write a company check for his personal debt? Only Kyle can say why he has done this.

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