Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wallace Collins

Press Release
Cleveland County Republican Chairman
Roger Warren
Aug 13th

County Republican Chairman calls on wallace collins to return donations from Secretive special interest group

NORMAN, OK— Roger Warren, Chairman of the Cleveland County Republican Party, called on Wallace Collins today to return $4,000 in campaign contributions he received from a special interest group now under investigation for unethically deducting money from workers’ compensation claim checks. The money, which was intended to pay for medical expenses while workers are too injured to work, was funneled into political campaigns without the workers’ knowledge or consent.

“Wallace Collins has previously received $4,000 in donations from this secretive organization that took money from injured workers without their knowledge,” Warren said. “Collins has used this money for his own political purposes and should return that money at once.”

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BossHawg said...

Wallace Collins took money from injured folks???? But wait, I thought he always proclaimed himself as the champion of the poor and working class. Perhaps he needs to amend that to "the poor and working class that stay injury free". What a hypocrite!!!