Friday, September 19, 2008

Are Criminal Defense Attorneys Running out Of Clients

Are Criminal Defense Attorneys Running Out Of Clients.

Democrat criminal defense attorneys are outraged at District Attorney Mashburn for keeping his word.
Some local criminal defense lawyers have stated that they will find D.A. Mashburn an opponent next time he runs for office. Mashburn is keeping his word that he gave to the voters “To be tough on crime”; I guess keeping your word is something that some criminal defense attorneys have a problem with. When Mashburn first run for office he stated that he was going to put the criminals in jail. Mashburn has kept his word; the child molesters, rapist, drunk drivers and just bad people are now behind bars. Mashburn does not play games when it comes to crime or plea bargaining. It is important that we let Mashburn know that we appreciate the job he is doing as our District Attorney.

Support District Attorney Mashburn next Friday at the McKown Farm from 6:00 PM-9:00 PM 4310 48th Ave NW.

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